Superliga Argentina: Bus colors | sports

Superliga Argentina: Bus colors | sports

Defense and Justice: find a name more suggestive than that. It could seem a pachanga of ministerial officials. Or a club with lofty political ideals, rather conservative. Or a tactic delivered to the bolt back and the faith in the equanimity of the referee. But no. No one is able to remember who came up with that name or why. A long time ago: in 1935, a group of residents of Florencio Varela, a town located south of Buenos Aires, wanted to found a sports club and, understand it, it was complicated. Others could be called as their city, Córdoba, or Rosario, or Tucumán. But Florencio Varela, unitarian hero killed in 1848 and buried under a tombstone with one of those inscriptions that have made the Argentine modesty famous ("Dead to freedom, was born to history, and it is his sepulcher temple of his glory"), It fit well as a team name. And they went for all: Defense and Justice, that's it. Usually abbreviated in Defense. They are also called Hawks, for reasons that are known and prosaic: the local bus company was called Los Halcones and their vehicles were green and yellow, so Defensa, which started in white and blue, ended up dressing like the bus.

Defense entered the professional football in 1977, from First D. It is the only Argentine club that started from below and reached the top, climbing step by step. He reached the First in 2014. In 2017 he played the Copa Sudamericana, which, for the European reader, is something similar to the Europa League, formerly UEFA. That was his best moment of glory, until now. Because Defensa is second in the standings and is the only team that seems in a position to challenge Racing this year's title.

Excuse a paragraph that the reader seasoned in Argentine soccer You can skip The Christmas break is almost everywhere a pause, a brief interruption after which it recommences, with small variations (the winter market), just as things were in December. But here are the summer holidays. And it remains in the spirits the tradition of when the championship was divided into two: Opening and Closing. And, finally, it takes a certain taste to shuffle and give new letters. In summary, since December five technicians have changed and most of the templates have given half a dozen ups and downs. It's almost a new season.

This weekend has returned the Superliga. Defense and Justice corresponded, on Friday, the opening ceremony. He faced San Lorenzo, which is not very buoyant but it is the Pope's team and that has to be worth something, it is supposed (someday we will tell what it took years ago to throw from the wardrobe of San Lorenzo to the priest Jorge Bergoglio). The Falcons, undefeated in the first round, seemed doomed to a goalless draw. But in the discount they scored a goal from before, push, mess in the area, rebounds, agonies and pure faith. There follow, three points behind Racing, who also won 1-3 in Mar del Plata to the modest Aldosivi.

Defense and Justice has a young technician (38 years old) who never played professional football and as an amateur he held the position of right-back, that, in the pachangas, is usually given to the guy who does not give for more. Sebastián Beccacece trained as a coach in the shadow of Jorge Sampaoli and has composed a young team, fighting, orderly, supportive and courageous, led on the field by Leonel Miranda. The stadium, with 11,000 seats, is too small for them.

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