Super Commercial Centre Planned for Fuerteventura

Plans leaked for super commercial centre to be built in Fuerteventura to rival Las Arenas of Las Palmas.


For many residents of Fuerteventura a trip to Las Palmas is required to shop at budget stores, such as Primark. With lack of competition on the island of Fuerteventura, locals have been paying over the odds for clothing and electrical goods. Plans for a super commercial centre on the backroad between Costa Antigua and Triquivijate could put an end to the high pricing of goods on one of the Canary Islands most popular tourist destinations.


According to sources, the land has already been purchased by Sams Club Retail Warehouses, a United States company operated by Walmart. The super commercial centre is planned to have 8 floors and currently has plans for franchises of popular clothing stores Primark, GAP and Topshop, electrical stores Lowes and Best Buy, restaurant chains KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Taco Bell and Subway and supermarket Walmart. It looks like it will be a mix of popular USA and UK stores in one huge building.


This will come as a surprise to residents of the Canary Islands as nothing like this has been built on other islands that have a higher population. It could be linked to the extension of the airport that was supposed to allow long haul flights to land on the island from destinations outside of Europe including United States.


So expect an influx of Americans onto the island of Fuerteventura very soon along with low cost quality goods, some of which you will not find anywhere else in Europe!