April 15, 2021

Super Bowl 53: Tom Brady's Patriots become the absolute kings of the NFL | sports

Super Bowl 53: Tom Brady's Patriots become the absolute kings of the NFL | sports

It will be years before someone can reach the success of Tom Brady. Or to emulate the greatness of the Patriots who have won this Sunday his sixth Super Bowl in front of Rams. But the latest page of glory has a black stain: a game for the oblivion against the Los Angeles team by a minimum score of 13-3. A soporific final, a match that Brady had a minute to channel his own.

The first half of Super Bowl It was a very rigid Chinese checkers game with an excessive respect for the opponent and with a cascade of errors of the offensive teams. Tom Brady and Jared Goff, Field marshals were so erratic that points were scarce on the scoreboard. The Patriots, in the leg of Stephen Gostkowski, failed a field goal and redeemed with another that was valid for 3-0. ANDThe marker made history as the second poorest in points during the first two quarters of play, second only to the 1975 edition, when Pittsburgh led Minnesota with 2-0.

With an austere board in figures, the chips turned to the half-time show. This show, which has been previously starred by artists such as Rolling Stone, Prince, Beyoncé, among others, was in the hands of Maroon 5 and rappers Travis Scott and Big Boi. The fireballs that seemed to fall directly from the sky to the burning stage were not enough to ignite the 77 million spectators at the Atlanta stadium. The flaws in the audio and the artists did not quite convince. Nor the game about the yards.

To this edition of the Super Bowl the morbid left him. When the African-American singer Gladys Knight took the microphone to sing the American anthem before the start of the game, all the tension went to the players' legs. For weeks it was speculated that some of the American footballers could kneel during the song as a sign of support for Colin Kaepernick. The San Francisco 49ers ex quarterback did not stand up in August 2016 in protest against the police abuses suffered by the African-American community. Kaepernick has not played a professional game since March 2017 for an alleged NFL boycott. Although two years have passed, the matter is far from settled. Artists such as Rihanna, Pink and Nicki Minaj rejected invitations to the most-watched sporting event in the United States to support the former field marshal.

Edelman, after the game.
Edelman, after the game. USA TODAY Sports

In a Super Bowl where the kickers had more action than the runners themselves, they expected the reaction of Tom Brady. For three quarters he could only associate with Julian Edelman, his faithful receiver, to advance some yards. The Rams tried to find in the violent passes of Jared Goff some crack in the system of the Patriots. They tried it through sprinters Robert Wood, Brandin Cooks and Todd Gurley. The bewilderment was brutal for one of the most surprising teams during the regular season. The head coach and the youngest to take charge of a team in the NFL, Sean McVay, sold out the entire playbook. The only thing they could get was a field goal with Greg Zuerlein, 3-3.

The clock recorded the last eight minutes of play. And Brady plugged himself in. He found across the field Rob Gronkwoski, a golem who found a space to reach the border of the end zone. That throw cracked the Rams' morale because it meant being two yards away. And Michel Sony made it possible with a carry where his strength exceeded that of the defensive. Gostkowski scored the extra point for a lethal 10-3.

Goff was at the limit. He had to overcome the game, spin a series of precise moves to beat New England. With four minutes and 17 seconds left, the Rams quarterback fired a missile that was intercepted by cornerback Stephone Gilmore. End of the game. The Patriots, with the Super Bowl in their pocket, were dedicated to playing with the desperation of Los Angeles. Gostkowski took the time to score another 41-yard field goal and the final 13-3.

With the consummation of Patriots' triumph, his field marshal was cornered by all the photographers. He received the hug from his colleagues and especially from his coach, Bill Belichick, on a night when his passes were not at all protagonists. The man of the match, the MVP, won his teammate, receiver Julian Edelman, who traveled 141 yards, an unstoppable roadrunner. The Patriots have enlarged their dynasty with six titles of the NFL and tie the Pittsburgh franchise. Brady, 41, has no clear heir or rival.

The Trump factor during the final

A. Laborde

President Donald Trump, a fan of the New England Patriots, spoke in an interview with the CBS published on Sunday to the controversy. "I think it's great if you want to protest, but I think you have to do it for the sake of our flag, for our national anthem," said the president who followed the game from his home in Mar del Lago with a group of 700 people. .

The The Washington Post He bought an advertising space for the first time during the recesses of the Super Bowl. The announcement was a tribute to the role of the press and journalists who are willing to do anything to inform people. The narrative was in charge of the actor Tom Hanks, who played the legendary editor Benjamin Bradlee, one of those responsible for uncovering Watergate, in the movie The Pentagon Files. Donald Trump Jr., the president's son, posted an acid comment on the propaganda: "Do you know how MSM journalists (from mainstream media) could avoid having to spend millions on a #superbowl commercial to gain undeserved credibility? How about reporting the news and not your leftist vision to vary a bit? ".

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