April 15, 2021

Sunday of mass and lunch | TV

Sunday of mass and lunch | TV

An old friend of Sigüenza got up every Sunday repeating the same monotony: "The important and main thing is to go to mass and have lunch, and if you run too fast, give it to the mass." The saying summarized as few the two schizophrenic faces of a Catholic and anticlerical country at the same time. Sometimes, at the same time. On Sunday, the people of order go to mass and lunch, but it is better that the priest does not force anyone to choose between the faith and the tavern, or can take a dislike and find the parish empty.

Married and Rivera, with the enthusiastic clapping of Abascal, want their faithful to choose mass this Sunday instead of lunch. In the case that did not give them time to comply with the country and vermouth, they sacrifice the second. To do this, they have opened the chest of political terminology of the nineteenth century and have taken to parading the words felon, ignominious And till treason, that smell of coagulated blood from other times and that seem destined to mobilize people of other times.

The beauty of the saying repeated by my friend of Sigüenza is that it revealed a very civic pacorrería. It transmitted a lazy and guasona ethic that facilitated the coexistence. Whoever sacrifices the lunch for the mass has the will of a fanatic, does not seem like a nice neighbor with whom a happy community can be put together. Rajoy, whose memory is as distant as that of the nineteenth century, always appealed to that type of Spanish that made up its silent majority. The new PP, has already been seen, does not like the silence of majorities or my friend of Sigüenza or Mariano Rajoy himself, and seeks a plebiscite image of the center of Madrid full of reds and gualdas.

My friend from Sigüenza and I will get up late, like every Sunday, and we will not arrive at any mass in time. We will see it on TV and out of the corner of your eye. Hopefully we are more the Spaniards of the pubs than those of the street.


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