July 30, 2021

Sum Festival premieres with a national indie and pop marathon – La Provincia

Sum Festival premieres with a national indie and pop marathon - La Provincia

From pop to punk and from indie to electronics. And so on. In this way the proposals that were alternating between the nine bands that performed last night in the first edition of the Gran Canaria Sum Festival in Infecar can be summarized. A total of 6,500 spectators filled the entrance area and the early morning hours as the arrival of spectators was continuous throughout the night for an event that took place on the last Saturday of September. Elefantes, Izal, Rozalén and Nancys Rubias, by the response of the public, left no doubt that they had been the most anticipated groups.

On the other hand, yesterday's experience, with concerts from 6:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m., can be considered as the first step for a new concept of mass shows. The parking space in this area of ​​the Atlantic Fair district was strategically prepared to satisfy all the spectators since, as soon as they entered, the public could access several stalls. fast food and consume quietly in two large tents prepared for this purpose. Later, after making a perhaps too long and crowded queue to get tickets in the two relevant posts, attendees could try different types of drinks with several spaces distributed throughout the venue and with very famous types of brands.

All bands had an hour of performance, except for Izal who was ninety minutes on the stage as head of the event. He started on stage Mazda, with his 15 x14 meters, the Tenerife group Conducta Cero that played songs like From bar to bar or Paula. From the beginning, the clarity of the sound was striking, something not very easy to achieve in a space like this. Funambulistas followed in the Heineken, something bigger, with its 16 x14 meters of amplitude, and where the project led by Diego Cantero reviewed the best songs of his three albums with a very elaborate and versatile sound that surprised some other viewer that did not control well his discography.

During his performance, the singer of the Red Room, Jorge Martí, stressed on several occasions that it was the first performance of the whole group together on the Island and he even said something like they were going to give everything so that they did not have to pass other 23 years before returning to this enclave. The group presented their new work Memory, but in reality the concert was a vibrant review throughout his career.

At 21.00 it was the turn of Carminha News, one of the most interesting combos of the poster as they represent the essence of Galician punk with a humor that connects with Siniestro Total and Os Resentidos. A large group of spectators received them with true devotion. The Coruña group offered a powerful sound that served as a link between the nostalgic eighties with the most current proposals. Titles like Rhythm of the blood, Fuck you and dance or Ancient but modern They were undoubtedly the funniest moments and musical frenzy of the whole night. At 22.00 Sidonie went on stage. The group returned to the island after presenting almost two years ago The worst group in the world and they also came to celebrate as it was their twentieth anniversary on the road. The group offered a concert with a careful and well thought-out repertoire where they knew how to mix the songs of the new album with their classics, which, as expected, are the ones that raise the most passions among the audience, with titles such as We love you Our Friday dance, La Costa Azul, Sierra and Canada Y Fascinated. At 11.00 it was the turn of Rozalén, one of the last musical phenomena of this country, who performed the songs of his three discs entitled With the right to …, Who has seen me? Y When the river sounds…, with songs of the type The violet door, Sunflowers or Pending issues in which he also defends the rights of minorities and most disadvantaged communities.

At eleven o'clock Elephants left in a performance that had awakened many expectations as they presented their new work, The first light of day, which has been considered one of the best of his career, where they make a journey through the different emotions that a human being can have per day. The group formed by Shuarma (voice and guitar), Jordi Ramiro (drums), Julio Cascán (bass) and Hugo Toscano (guitar) managed to seduce the audience with titles such as It hurts, Every time, I love you or Let everyone know.

And already, at 1:00 in the morning it will be the turn of Izal, one of the most successful bands of the national scene that, unlike all the other groups, was on stage for 90 minutes. As announced by the singer, the Izal concerts are a spectacle not only because of the show that the group gives off but also because of the devotion with which they receive their followers. And, as expected, there was a chemistry with the unusual group, in titles of the caliber of The green woman, Therapy or The hole. Everything ended at 2.30 with Nancys Rubias, with his image between New York Dolls and Ramones, and his mix of pop, glam and electronic led by the flamboyant Mario Vaquerizo. A contagious concert to dismiss the night.

The music returned to the fairground after the experience of the Bikini festival in June 2017. But the idea that the groups acted consecutively was not completely fulfilled, as it was assured that at the moment when a group ended, it would begin to sound the following so that the music will not stop at any time. However, the technical problems caused more than one delay. Among the audience was an audience between twenty and forty years mainly. However, it was quite interesting that many Spaniards had attended.

Thus, Julia Martinez, from Salamanca, 27, acknowledged that "I come because it is an opportunity to see two of my favorite bands together in the same concert as Elefantes and Izal". And he added that it was not expected that there would be an organization and an "original" space distribution. Andrés Sánchez, 34, from Barcelona, ​​admitted that he had come to the festival because the poster was very complete, but he was going to spend a week watching the island. "I come to see Izal especially, but I'm also a follower of the Red Room and Rozalén "since I like" the committed artists, "he pointed out.

Among the Canarian assistants, there were opinions for all tastes. Thus, Rosa González, 20, acknowledged that she was only interested in Rozalén and Izal, and that maybe she would stay until the performance of Lass Nancys Rubias, "but only for the curiosity of seeing Mario Vaquerizo". On the other hand, Javier Santana, added that he did not like classic pop and that he preferred the more indie groups with the most resounding sound like Sidonie, The Red Room and Carminha News "for which I have decided to attend", he stressed.

Highlight, finally, the audiovisual game with giant screens that allowed to see the show even if you were not on stage. And another aspect that was effective was the way to access the site, with a long and spaced entrance that prevented the occurrence of agglomerations. What has been said, a different way of organizing concerts easier than it seems, which positively results in the comfort of the public.


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