Sulli, K-Pop singer victim of cyberbullying found dead

South Korean police confirmed Monday K-Pop young actress and singer's corpse find (musical genre that includes various styles such as electronic dance music, hip hop, rap, rock and R&B) known as Sulli and reported that the woman, that He had suffered intense cyberbullying campaigns, he could have committed suicide.The body of the artist, only 25 years old and whose real name was Cho Jin-ri, was found by her agent in the house where she lived in Seognam, a dormitory city south of the South Korean capital.

The causes of death are still being investigated, although it is very likely that Sulli could have committed suicide, police officials said in statements collected by the Yonhap agency. Born in Busan (southeast of the country), Sulli debuted as an actress on television in 2005 when he was only 11 years old and in 2009 he began his musical career by joining the female f (x) formation.

Between 2014 and 2015 he retired from public life due to intense campaigns of harassment in social networks that coincided with the beginning of his relationship with the singer Choiza (whose real name is Choi Jae-hoo), from Dynamic duo, with whom he would break in 2017. Sulli would finally leave f (x) in 2015 and continued working sporadically as an actress in films like "Real" (2017) or, more recently, in television series such as "Hotel Del Luna".

The last summer began to co-present for the cable channel JTBC a program focused precisely on the cyberbullying suffered by South Korean artists. In the program, Sulli spoke, among other things, of the recent hate campaigns of which he again fell victim to appearing in several photographs without wearing a bra. The artist said she decided to continue posing like this for a matter of personal comfort and to end the prejudice in the conservative South Korea towards women who decide not to wear a bra. Sulli's death once again highlights the huge pressure facing K-Pop celebrities and the few resources at your disposal to address these situations.

The last case of suicide that shook the foundations of the industry was that of Kim Jong-hyun, a former singer of the SHINee group, who took his own life in December 2017 when he was 27 years old. EFE

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