Sue Lyon, Kubrick's "Lolita" dies

Sue Lyon, who at 14 gave life to Lolita in the homonymous film of Stanley Kubrick, He has died at 73 in Los Angeles. Although the cause of his death has not been made public, the health of the actress had been seriously impaired during the last yearYes, as his friend Phil Syracopoulos has revealed. Since the mid-80s, she had lived apart from Hollywood and had even been diagnosed as having a manic depressive syndrome.

Although her most remembered role is that of Lolita in 1962, the actress was active since 1959, when she debuted in the series "Letter to Loretta", until 1980, at which time she left the acting after appearing in the television film «Alligator: The Beast Under the Asphalt».

His great role came in 1962, after passing an exhaustive casting to which more than 800 actresses were presented. The writer of the original novel, Vladimir Nabokov was clear that she was the only one who could play the young woman on the big screen. "The perfect nymph," was the appellation that the author used to refer to her. Her mother took her to the test with the confidence that she could be chosen and thus clean up the battered family economy. He dyed her hair platinum blonde and placed it in front of the camera. Kubrick did not hesitate and even asked him to shoot a scene with James Mason, who played Humbert Humbert, sexually freaked out by the morbid girl Lolita, Dolores Haze, evidence that totally convinced the filmmaker to approve the actress. He was then 14 years old and the character would mark her for the rest of his career. In fact, I didn't have much of a good memory of him. “My destruction as a person comes from '' Lolita. '' That film exposed me to temptations to which no girl of that age should be subjected, ”he said.

Four marriages

Born in Davenport, Iowa, Lyon began acting almost as soon as he had reason. Before "Lolita" had only participated in productions for the small screen, such as the original series of "Daniel, the mischievous." After his first foray into the cinema, he worked on "The Night of the Iguana", in 1964, under the direction of John Huston, before returning to the television format, a shoot that for the director became a real hell, because the interpreter displayed a whole range of tricks and whims of diva that ended the patience of Houston.

In addition to participating in some series such as «The virginian»From 1970 or«The fantasy island»In 1978, Lyon starred in some low-budget horror tapes. Among them, it should be noted «Crash!»From 1976 and«The last day of the world»Where he shared plans with the icon of the genre, Christopher Lee.

Throughout her career she was only recognized with a Golden Globe in 1963 under the category of "most promising revelation actress", precisely for the role of "Lolita".

His love life was a continuous sway. He married four times, one of them with a convict (the wedding was held in jail) and another time with a black photographer, which in the hot sixties and seventies became a scandal that made headlines. Precisely with him he had his only daughter, Nona, who still lives.


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