suck the rival's blood

The American boxer Deontay Wilder, who last night lost the title of heavyweight champion, World Boxing Council (WBC) version, after being defeated by technical knockout in the seventh round against Englishman Tyson Fury, acknowledged that he had won the best , but I was ready to come back stronger.

"I am a warrior. He had a great performance, and I will come back stronger," Wilder said.

"Even the biggest ones have lost and returned. That is only part of the sport of boxing," Wilder said at the end of the rematch fight against Fury, who left him a bag of 25 million dollars. "You just take it as it is. I can't make excuses tonight. I had a lot of complications. But we will come back stronger next time."

It was a battle full of passion and with a more than rare image: Fury sucked the blood of his rival

Wilder, who admitted that he was surprised by Fury's strategy of attacking permanently, said he did not regret having faced the English fighter again after the first match, played on December 1, 2018, resulted in a null.

"This is what big boxing is about: the best must fight the best," Wilder said.

Wilder, whose ear was bleeding during the fight, had to receive stitches, but at the end of the fight he reiterated that he was fine.

"I'm fine. Things like this happen," said Wilder, who questioned the decision made by his corner to throw in the towel when he took a minute and 39 seconds of the seventh round. "It's true that the best fighter won tonight, but when the fight stopped I was ready to go out with my shield."

Wilder reiterated that he only wished that his team had not made the decision to end the fight, which in the end left its preparers in full controversy.

Wilder coach Jay Deas said it was his assistant coach Mark Breland who threw in the towel. It was a decision that Deas said he did not agree with.

“Mark threw in the towel. I didn't think I should have done it, ”said Deas, who didn't explain how he could make the decision without his consent.

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