January 24, 2021

success in key of woman – The Province

success in key of woman - The Province

From left to right Cristina Aristoy, founder of Singularu; Gemma Martínez, deputy director of Levante-EMV; Irene Lanzaco, General Director of Presidencia de Prensa Ibérica; Julieta XLF, urban artist; María Tosca, Director of Employment, Training and Entrepreneurship of the Chamber of Commerce; Rafael Herrador, territorial director of CaixaBank in Madrid.

eWoman, the circuit of events organized by Iberian Press that has visited 15 cities and has awarded 57 women for their talent and leadership, has been solidated, in just two editions, as a great meeting point to share experiences, recognize the merit of the enterprising woman, advance in the culture of equality and progress together as a society.

On February 29 and before more than 300 people gathered in Madrid, the national awards were given to those who chose the winners of the different venues. "We believe in women, in their capacity to assume responsibilities, to generate projects and lead teams, in addition to a high presence of women in their board of directors, we have six newspaper directors, which does not happen in any other communication group in Spain", he stressed Irene Lanzaco, General Director of Presidencia de Prensa Ibérica editor of this newspaper- before moving on to the presentation of the awards …

EWoman Digital Arts and Social Networks Awards, Online Business and Professional Career

To paint at night, secretly, to get on stage to pick up the eWoman Award in the Digital Art and Social Networks category for their graffiti. Urban artist Julieta XLF could not have guessed years ago where her mural paintings would take her, brimming with talent, color and sensitivity. "My family has educated me freely and has allowed me to grow in this rebellion, it is important to give visibility to all those women who do not have it, that is why we are here, to continue fighting together." With creativity, passion and perseverance we can invent a world better, "he said, thanking the recognition.

Tension and effort could perfectly be the keys to the success of Cristina Aristoy, eWoman Award in the Online Business category. With only 26 years, the Valencian entrepreneur laid the first stone of the Singularu jewelry brand, a successful firm that today bills more than 3.5 million euros a year, has six physical stores and plans to reach 90 by 2020 For the creator "none of this would have been possible without the team behind it and, of course, without all those who follow and buy Singularu".

eWoman awards give notoriety and recognize women with stories of leadership and success in the workplace and technology "

The eWoman Award for Professional Career by CaixaBank was for a woman who has dedicated her whole life to the protection and rehabilitation of cultural and artistic heritage: the professor and researcher Pilar Roig Picazo. Among its most important performances, the restoration of the dome of the Basilica of the Mare de Deu dels Desemparats, the vault of the church of San Juan del Mercado or the paintings of the return of the church of San Nicolás, considered the "Valencian Sistine Chapel".

The winner, who could not attend the ceremony, thanked the recognition in a video that took the opportunity to praise the work of the other candidates: "I learned a lot from all the brave women. I greatly enjoyed listening to their experiences and all of them are also worthy of the eWoman Award"In his name, he picked up the award Gemma Martínez, assistant editor of the newspaper Levante-EMV.

Julieta LXF, Cristina Aristoy and Pilar Roig Picazo they were the names of the first edition of these awards, possible thanks to the support of the sponsors -CaixaBank and KIA T. de las Heras- and the collaborators – Chamber of Commerce, Moskovitas and Promociona-. A night dedicated to talent, professionalism, excellence, entrepreneurship, leadership, effort, success … in a woman's key and that leads to a new eWoman 2019 tour. The goal: continue to value female talent and women's stories that day by day they build a fairer future.


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