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Submit your news article to Spain's News for fast search engine indexing and exposure to the expat community throughout Europe and United States.

If you have a news article or would like to promote your business, you can submit an article to our editorial team to feature on Spain's News. With fast indexing in search engines (normally under 2 hours) and an audience of over 100,000 expats worldwide, submitting your article can gain massive exposure to your news or business.

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How to submit an article to Spain's News?

  • Your article should contain minimal of 300 words.
  • You must provide original content.
  • You must provide an image greater than 400x400 pixels.
  • The title of your article is extremely important, it is how search engines will rank your keywords. Make sure you place important keywords into your title.
  • All articles are reviewed before going live on our site. Please make sure you do not submit articles in any adult orientated niche, such as pornography, illegal drug related or terrorism.

To submit your article, please fill out the form below and our review team will notify you of acceptance or rejection within 24 hours of submission via email. If your article is accepted, payment can be made by PayPal or Stripe, we will send payment request that must be fulfilled before your article goes live in our system.

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