Submarine robots search a Chinese river for a sunken passenger bus

Submarine robots are trying to locate the bus that rushed to the Yangtze River yesterday after falling from a bridge in Chongqing Township (southwest China) with at least ten passengers on board, Xinhua news agency reported today.

So far it has confirmed the death of two of the passengers who were traveling aboard the bus, which crashed with a car before diving into the Yangtze, the longest river in China, around 10.00 local time (02.00 GMT) Sunday at the height of the Wanzhou district in Chongqing.

The Chinese Ministry of Emergency Management has sent to the personal scene of different apartments, including maritime affairs, fire control and armed police, to locate the bus, which sank about 68 meters under water, and the rest of passengers.

The rescue authorities have also tested with an underwater robot equipped with high definition cameras, which yesterday was forced to return to the surface after diving about 30 meters, according to state broadcaster CCTV.

A team of divers has also been participating in the rescue work, but so far they have not been able to locate the vehicle due to the low visibility underwater.

A preliminary investigation indicates that the bus has deviated from its trajectory and hit a car, whose driver is being treated in a hospital and is under police surveillance, according to Xinhua.

The same source added that an investigation has been opened to clarify the cause of the accident.


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