Suárez Illana: "The Neanderthals also used abortion, waited for him to be born and cut off his head" | Society

Suárez Illana: "The Neanderthals also used abortion, waited for him to be born and cut off his head" | Society

The number two of the PP for Madrid, Adolfo Suárez Illana, has confirmed that the party will not include in its electoral program the reform of the law of deadlines on the abortion because "there is no social consensus for it". The popular, however, has made clear his position: "The Neanderthals also used it, what happens is that they waited for him to be born and, then, they cut off his head". The son of former President Adolfo Suárez, and one of the last signings of Pablo Casado for his list to the Congress, he has assured that "in New York a law has just been approved for which abortion is allowed after birth."

Suárez Illana has taken even further an argument used falsely by Donald Trump during his State of the Union address, when he stated that New York lawmakers passed a law "that allows the baby to be removed from the womb just before birth." What the US regulations allow is the possibility of having an abortion until the 24th week of gestation or later if the fetus is unfeasible or the life of the mother is in danger.

The number two of Casado for Madrid has emphasized, during a interview on Onda Cero, that "100,000 abortions a year is a savagery", but recognizes that "80% of Spaniards" supports the law of deadlines, so that their work "as a leader" consists in "explaining their point of view" to "go to a society in which the right to life is respected more. "

For this, Suárez Illana advocates "helping women who have to decide between being mothers of a living child or a dead child, because in the end it is what they are going to be." "Many times it is simply love, help for diapers, help to change the floor, help their parents accept the fact that a child is coming, give help so that child can have," he insisted.

Married has said many times that prefers the previous abortion law, that of 1985 assumptions, but they have not introduced that proposal into the program. "If we want to finance pensions and health, we should think about how to have more children and not how we abort them," he said in February. The popular leader has announced that if he is president of the Government he will promote a law of support for motherhood, in which he will advocate for the "culture of life" with fiscal, economic and family support measures.

Last Sunday, during the anti-abortion march called by different associations in Madrid, the general secretary of the PP and deputy for Murcia, Teodoro García Egea, He said: "It is not understood that parties like Podemos or the PSOE are not in the demonstration, we defend life, motherhood, the reconciliation and the future of families"


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