July 25, 2021

Study shows high fidelity of Argentines to Uruguay as a tourist destination

Study shows high fidelity of Argentines to Uruguay as a tourist destination

A study conducted by the Uruguayan Ministry of Tourism in four provinces of Argentina showed a "high fidelity" by the Argentines to Uruguay when choosing a tourist destination to spend holidays, official sources reported today.

Uruguayan Deputy Minister of Tourism, Benjamin Liberoff, explained that the survey was conducted in the localities of Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario and Mendoza, in which some 570 people over 25 years who traveled abroad in the last three years were interviewed .

In that sense, the study projects that between 40% and 60% of Argentines who traveled abroad in that period of time will vacation in Uruguay during the next austral summer season.

Within that percentage, the survey revealed that Argentines who traveled abroad visited Uruguay 2.3 times in that same period, which for Liberoff is the "highest fidelity average".

"It is a good representation for us, among those who made long distance trips, 18% plan to make a shorter one, a segment in which Uruguay has room to position itself with the proximity factor," the vice minister told the Institutional Communication Secretariat of the Uruguayan Government

Liberoff pointed out that the survey was conducted when the price of the dollar in Argentina stood at 32 pesos per unit and the other half when it had already increased to 42 pesos, something that was not planned by the Uruguayan Ministry of Tourism.

"It's a pretty important picture of how the mood was at that time," he said.

However, he stressed that the next summer season "will not reach the numbers of the previous one", considered a record, with 4.2 million visitors and 2.300 million dollars of income, although he valued that they trust that it will be "the second most important season". "of history.


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