October 24, 2020

Students mobilize this Friday against the suspension of face-to-face classes at the University of Granada

The General Delegation of Students of the University of Granada (UGR) and the organizations Frente de Estudiantes y Estudiantes en Movimiento have called a mobilization this Friday against the suspension for ten days of face-to-face theoretical classes at the academic institution, agreed this past Tuesday for the Board.

The residences, with 5% of the students in Granada, criticize the Board's focus on them: "Your measurements are light compared to our protocol"

The residences, with 5% of the students in Granada, criticize the Board’s focus on them: “Their measurements are light compared to our protocol”

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As reported by sources from the Student Delegation of the UGR, the mobilization is called as concentration at 12 noon at the gates of the Board’s headquarters in Granada, in the central Gran Vía de Colón, from where, depending on the influx of participants and in compliance with the social distance security measures against the coronavirus, they would travel to Plaza Isabel la Católica, at the end of this avenue.

For its part, the Sub-delegation of the Government in Granada has reported that, after the entry in its registry this past Wednesday of this call by urgency, it has been communicated with the relevant security measures, after contacts with the conveners, and after collecting reports from the Delegation of Health and Families or the Local Police.

The organizers are going to read a manifesto and attend to the media about this mobilization at 11:00 am at the gates of the Royal Hospital, where the headquarters of the Rectorate of the UGR is located.

The student organizations indicated this past Wednesday in a press release that “the university community was aware, through the media, of the suspension of face-to-face classes at the UGR” and that, “at no time, was it reached contact “with research and administration personnel or with the students” neither for decision-making nor to inform about this new measure. ”

They criticized that “no restriction has been approved for leisure and restaurant establishments, where, on many occasions, the appropriate sanitary measures are not followed.”

The representatives of the students of the UGR remarked that “through this decision the priorities of the autonomous government” and of the City Council are evident, which, as they have added, “prioritize economic benefit over educational quality at the University.”

More than half, from outside

More than half of the students at the UGR are from outside the province. These, along with many others in the province of Granada who also rent flats in the capital, have been forced to enter into contracts with a duration of ten months “under the ambiguous measures that the University had established in the event that classes were cut in person “. Now the students denounce that they will continue “having to pay rents that they will not use.”

The Junta de Andalucía published this past Wednesday at the last minute an extraordinary official bulletin (BOJA) with the order of October 14, 2020 by which “specific, temporary and exceptional” measures are adopted, for reasons of public health, for the containment of the covid-19 pandemic in university teaching centers and in senior colleges and university residences in the town of Granada.

The specific measures are “preventive, temporary and of an exceptional nature” and will be applied for a period of ten calendar days, counted from the day following the publication of the order, that is, from 8:00 am on Thursday 15 of October to Saturday October 24, both inclusive.

Said measures are specified in the suspension of the teaching of face-to-face classes in Bachelor’s degrees, University Master’s degrees, Own Degrees and Permanent Training, which will be replaced, where appropriate, by ‘online’ classes at the established time.


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