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Concentration in the Puerta del Sol, for the day of the woman.

They, the youngest, are the ones that are playing a leading role protests in the streets at the start of this March 8 feminist strike in Spain. They, the youngest, are also those that are considered to be feminist; up to 64.5% of those under 25 years of age declared themselves in a 40dB poll for EL PAÍS on the resurgence of this movement. And during the morning of this Friday they are leading the protests and the strike.

The union UGT has encrypted at 14.00 in six million people the total monitoring in Spain of the two-hour strikes and the strike of 24 that had been called. It is, in principle, a follow-up similar to the one registered last year in the partial stoppages that the majority centrals summoned on that occasion.

The education sector is one of the most involved in this day of protest. "The 24-hour feminist strike that is celebrated today in the public and private schools of our country, it is counting on a broad follow-up of workers, as well as students, who have mostly been absent from the classroom ", the CC OO union has assessed. of several autonomous communities, the state federation of education of this union affirms that The follow-up of the strike exceeds 80% in the university.

"In Secondary and FP is 61% and in Infant and Primary 42%", adds this center. In the private sector, incidence is being highlighted in the centers for people with disabilities and minors, says CC OO. "We have done self-criticism for this year to be on the side of the feminist movement," says Trinidad Montes, secretary of Women and Equality in CC OO in Andalusia, a union that last year supported two hours of unemployment and this year has expanded to all day, although as an optional protest.

THE COUNTRY has been able to verify how the classrooms have been emptied, mainly the university ones and those of the institutes. The head of studies of the Institut Joan d'Austria of the Sant Martí district of Barcelona explained that the follow-up is "massive" among the students in their center, reaching 80%. Among the teachers, of the 70 teachers at the center, only six have gone on strike. However, a few meters away from this Institute, at Els Porxos primary and children's school, where 225 children are studying, the director tells about the low level of follow-up of the mobilization. Only one of the 15 teachers in the school has gone on strike. Although according to aims: "all we will go to the manifestation of afternoon".

Something similar happened in the center of Madrid. In the public school of Infantile and Primary Isabel the Catholic, in Court, they assure that the incidence has been "minimum, as much in students as in professors"; but in the Secondary School Lope de Vega, in San Bernardo, the activity is practically paralyzed this Friday: a part of the teaching staff and the immense majority of the students are missing.

The students have missed classes this morning and many have taken to the streets to protest. This has happened in one of the manifestations of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid. "I want your respect, I do not want your compliments", they shouted at the student demonstration at Puerta del Sol in Madrid for # 8M. In that demonstration of students that is being held between Sol and Callao, some 50,000 people participate, according to the calculations of the Student Union. During that march, feminist vindications and cries of condemnation against sexual harassment have been chanted. They have also denounced the structural machismo suffered by students and women of all ages.

Almost at the same time, the unions have concentrated on the Plaza de Cibeles. Among the attendees were the kellys, the women in charge of the cleanliness in the hotels, of NH that have stopped two hours: "We have the great luck of working in a good company, but there are many that are in external subcontracting", they said. There are also officials from the Central Administration who have followed the strike all day: "Not only do we do it for ourselves, but also for those who can not."

Bilbao is another capital that hosts a massive demonstration. Tens of thousands of women, many of them students, have filled the streets of the Basque city. Also massive has been the concentration of the Plaza de España de Vitoria. During the first part of the day the demonstrations and rallies took place in Pamplona, ​​Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Santa Cruz de Tenerife ... Only in Andalusia, for example, 139 demonstrations and rallies were authorized by the sub-delegations of the Government in the eight provinces. However, large mobilizations are expected to take place this afternoon.

With information from Juan A. Aunión (Madrid), Javier Martín-Arroyo (Seville), Manuel Planelles (Madrid), Pedro Gorospe (Bilbao), Alejandro Fernández (Madrid), Manuel V. Gómez (Madrid), Alfonso L. Congostrina (Barcelona), Grego Casanova (Barcelona), Nicolás Pan-Montojo (Madrid), Oriol Güell (Barcelona), Javier Arroyo (Pomegranate), Nacho Sánchez (Málaga) and Jesús A. Cañas (Cádiz).


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