Students ask for the expulsion of Joan Ollé for cases of sexual harassment

Barcelona, ​​Feb 22 (EFE) .- Students from the Institut del Teatre have gathered this Monday to ask for “the immediate expulsion” of Joan Ollé and the resignation of the director Magda Puyo and her team after alleged cases of sexual harassment were known and abuse of power by some teachers.

About 300 students have protested in front of the Institut del Teatre building to denounce that “the management of the center has not assumed its responsibilities regarding the cases of abuse and sexual assaults” that the students have suffered “for years” and for considering the response insufficient of the institution, “both for the official statement sent to the students and for the statements of the director Magda Puyo to the media.”

They have criticized that the Institut del Teatre “has blamed and held responsible those attacked” and has excused itself in that it has had a protocol and a commission against harassment since 2018, “but what they do not say is that they have appropriated this action”.

The protocol, the students recall, was written and created by the GAF (Feminist Action Group), a group of self-managed students who had difficulties in getting that document to prosper.

In the students’ opinion, “the protocol is currently used to wash the face of the center’s management, since not enough dissemination has been made to the students, and in addition, the institution has demonstrated its ineffectiveness when applying it.”

On the other hand, they consider that although the management of the Institut del Teatre has said that they have not received any complaint of harassment, they have “testimonies that the attempts to report and instances made against some teachers of harassment, abuse of power and violence have been ignored. psychological abuse “, and add:” The silence of the management makes them accomplices of the facts. ”

In addition to the expulsion of Ollé, one of the three teachers mentioned by the information published yesterday by the newspaper Ara and the only one currently active, and the resignation of Magda Puyo and the entire management team, the students ask for “psychological support for those attacked, an effective protocol for the prevention of aggressions and that communication by the institution towards the female students is improved in order to be able to use the protocol correctly in case of need “.


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