September 26, 2020

Students and teachers vulnerable to the virus demand protection when returning to class – La Provincia

The school population and teachers who, due to their health status, are vulnerable groups to the Covid-19 coronavirus have demanded that the Canary Islands Government guarantee their protection to avoid contagion that could lead to fatal consequences; and that the necessary measures be taken so that, in the case of male and female students, they have “the same educational opportunities as others without reducing their already limited health conditions.”

The associations that serve families and patients with congenital pathologies in the Canary Islands, the Asociación Corazón y Vida de Canarias, and Tricontinental de Cardiopatías Congenitas, have requested “differentiated care, both health and educational” for these students. In a manifesto sent this week to the President of the Canary Islands Government and to the Ministry of Education and Health, these associations assure that given the current state of the pandemic “it is especially dangerous to expose minors with added pathologies to the risk of contagion

The concern of the families is notorious since these boys and girls face the new year in the same situation as at the end of the past, with “added risk factors” and “exposed to a contagious process for which there is no medical alternative , which has a special impact on the respiratory capacity of those affected “. Faced with face-to-face teaching activity, the associations require the Canary Islands Government to articulate “as many measures as are necessary to ensure the correct educational attention to these minors”, including telematic teaching “in conditions similar to those produced during the last quarter of the previous year” . The reinforcement of online programs and online tutorials, for those who prove their condition, are postulated as tools so that these students have “the same educational opportunities as others without reducing their already limited health conditions.”


In addition to the request of vulnerable students in the face of Covid-19, the ANPE Canarias union’s complaint before the Common Council for the discrimination of thousands of teachers especially sensitive to the coronavirus is added.

The union argues that the health of these teachers is put at risk by not having adapted the job to the particular situation of each teacher, declared “especially sensitive to the coronavirus.” In this sense, and as the president of the organization, Pedro Crespo, maintains, “the service of the hospital company, to whom the Ministry of Education of the Government of the Canary Islands subcontracted risk prevention at the beginning of the school year, has not issued reports of adaptation to the job of these teachers who have been forced to return to their centers without extra security measures “. The spokesperson points out that “it cannot be admitted that of more than 5,000 files taken by educational personnel reflecting sensitivity in individual health to the consequences of contagion by Covid, only 40 people are treated as serious and removed from the obligation of presence in educational centers “.


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