June 18, 2021

Students affected by Covid will be able to take the EBAU in July without reducing their choice of grade

David Sánchez, vice-rector for Students, Alumni and Employability of the ULPGC.

«A joint resolution has been made between the University of La Laguna and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which was signed on May 11, so that in the event that a student cannot attend the June call of the EBAU for some reason related to Covid-19, either because they have tested positive or because they have to do quarantine due to contact with a relative who has been infected, can be presented in the extraordinary call of July but with effect of the ordinary, so that you do not lose the opportunity to get a place in the degrees of greatest demand, “said David Sánchez Rodríguez , Vice-Rector for Students, Alumni and Employability of the ULPGC.

This initiative arises within the framework of prevention and hygiene measures against Covid-19 to carry out the evaluation of the baccalaureate for access to university (EBAU) 2021 and tests of similar characteristics convened in the field of education non-university, approved by the Public Health Commission on April 27. This document establishes the need to seek evaluation alternatives, in order not to undermine the options for choosing a university place, to people who cannot attend the EBAU due to having been diagnosed with Covid-19 and not having completed the period home isolation, or in people who are in quarantine for being close contact.

«In the degrees with the highest demand such as Health Sciences, or double degrees, the quota is filled with students who present in June. In order not to harm the right of students who cannot appear for the Covid in the ordinary call, we have agreed on this protocol, so that they will be allowed to take the exam in July, although for the purposes of academic management it would appear in the list of the ordinary call, as long as your note allows you access.

The ULPGC registers almost 10% more pre-registrations to the entrance exams compared to 2020


Sánchez pointed out that the organization of the EBAU will be very similar to that of 2020, where the exams were successfully held in person in the midst of the de-escalation of the pandemic. As then, the tests in the June call will be carried out in four days, compared to the three of the traditional model, to avoid crowds. “We continue with the same health measures for the prevention of Covid in terms of social distance, mask and hydroalcohol and, as in 2020 we have expanded the number of centers and classrooms to house all students.”

The vice-rector of the ULPGC pointed out that this year there has been an increase of close to 10% in the number of pre-registrations, going from 6,900 in the last call to 7,300 in the current one. The increase in teaching staff for the EBAU last year will also be maintained, with a total of 312 teachers, of which a third are from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria -around 100-, and two thirds from Secondary and Baccalaureate .

Regarding students with special needs, there are 140 pre-registered at the EBAU, who will be put in a separate classroom at their respective headquarters, and the necessary adaptations will be made, in terms of format, depending on their needs. “In no case are they adaptations of the content of the exam that is the same for everyone,” said Sánchez.

The optional exams are maintained this year, but the options to choose from are reduced


Although in 2020 the electivity was increased, with the students being able to mix and choose questions from the two blocks of each exam, to achieve the highest mark; this year this option is maintained, although the options to choose from are reduced. “There is still optional but not so open. For example, in mathematics it is no longer a matter of choosing five out of ten questions as in 2020, but between 1 and 2 the students will have to choose one option, between 3 and 4 the other … in a way that has reduced the possibilities of choice, but the option is maintained ».

The health measures for the Covid-19 – mask, physical distance and hand hygiene – will mark the EBAU again this year. In the images, students before entering the selectivity exam in 2020 in Tafira; and David Sánchez, vice-rector for Students of the ULPGC. |

Calls and locations

L dates

June and July

In the Canary Islands, the EBAU exams will be held on June 9, 10, 11 and 12 in ordinary call; and July 7, 8 and 9 in extraordinary call.

L June venues


Architecture, Engineering, Telecommunications, Marine Science and Computer Science buildings. In these centers, the students of the centers located in the municipalities of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the old town and its suburbs (Tamaraceite, Tafira) will be examined. Teror (Valleseco), Santa Brígida and San Mateo (Tejeda, Artenara). Or residents in the same, in the case of repeater, grade improvement, FP or College of Foreign Educational Systems.

L The farm

The San Cristóbal Campus building (Avda. Marítima, southbound, next to the Maternal and Child Hospital), hosts the reservation exams for all of Gran Canaria, and the second foreign language of the Island on the afternoon of the last day of the tests .

L North

In the IES building of Sta. María de Guía (Lomo Guillén s / n, in Guía), students from schools located in the municipalities of Arucas, Moya, Firgas, Santa María de Guía, Gáldar, Agaete and de The Village of San Nicolás.

L South

Expomeloneras will be the headquarters of the EBAU for students from the municipalities of Ingenio, Agüimes, Santa Lucía, Mogán and San Bartolomé de Tirajana, or residents therein, in the case of repeater, grade improvement, FP or College of Educational Systems Foreign.

L Southeastern

The IES Juan Pulido Castro (Arnao-Avda. Del Cabildo Insular 36, Telde) welcomes students from Valsequillo and Telde, including those from Jinamar.

L Lanzarote

In Arrecife: IES Blas Cabrera Felipe (Avda. Alcalde Ginés de la Hoz, 57); IES Cesar Manrique (C / Dr. Puigvert).

L Fuerteventura

IES Santo Tomás de Aquino, in Puerto del Rosario.

L rates


The EBAU fees amount to 76.12 euros. Education exempts students with few economic resources from paying them.


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