December 5, 2020

Strong earthquakes shake the Pacific north of Vanuatu

Strong earthquakes shook the Pacific waters on Wednesday morning, north of the island country of Vanuatu, without a tsunami warning.

The first earthquake, with a magnitude 5.9 and 10 kilometers deep, happened at 10:17 local time (23:17 Tuesday GMT) and was recorded about 20.3 kilometers from the city of Sola, on the island of Vanua Lava, which was followed by a magnitude 5.1 replica.

Something more than an hour later, at 11:39 local time (00:39 GMT), another telluric movement, this magnitude 5.8 and also 10 kilometers deep, shook the region again and was located at 32, 2 kilometers from Sola, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), which records seismic activity worldwide

Vanuatu is located near the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire and the underwater volcanoes of the Lau Basin, so it usually records seismic shocks.

The Republic of Vanuatu, with about 250,000 inhabitants, is formed by an archipelago of volcanic origin.

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