Stroll with an angelfish shark harpooned to the back by Mogn – La Provincia

A diver spearfishes a protected species of shark angelfish on the beach of Mogán and then walks with the corpse loaded on his back along the avenue of the fishing port. That's what the Facebook page Species of the Canary Islands in its publication of last Monday, January 27, with which it showed images of an individual carrying the harpooned angelfish shark.

"A very sad scene, and more knowing that The Canary Islands is the only place in the world where this critically endangered species can be observed ", lament from the page specialized in the marine world and that, in addition, differentiates the exhibitionist offender from the real underwater fishermen: "Refrain from negative comments towards underwater fishermen, since many of them carry out the activity responsibly, unlike this person who has no ecological conscience, "he says.

Species of the Canary Islands ends the message informing about what should be done in the case that we find images like this: "If you ever see another situation like this, take pictures, call 112 immediately and file a report with the Civil Guard."


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