Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Strikes return to Barajas airport on Saturday

The stoppages of ground assistance employees join those of security guards

The year starts with new strikes at Spanish airports. The Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport the first one will suffer this Saturday January 18. The coordinator Cesha, to which CGT, CTA, USO, CC OO and UGT have joined, has called an indefinite strike at WFS (Worldwide Flight Services) for its ground assistance employees, every Tuesday and Saturday. Parallel, Ilunion Security guards who are responsible for security filters at Madrid airport have also called for stoppages for February.

At the head of the filter guard strike is the Trade Union Alternative. The union argues that Ilunion “continues with the wage and labor breaches”Of the workforce and has denounced before the Labor Institute the lack of weekly rest and the payment of the differences of the 75% increase in overtime“ fixed by the Supreme Court last year ”. Although the dates are still to be determined, the representatives of the Ilunion workers affirm that, if the case does not reach an agreement with the Labor Institute, they will kick off the strikes. The guards have already developed two strikes in which they demanded the full payment of airport bonuses, especially that of radioscopy (security control arches), greater family conciliation and some contractual improvements so that all contracts were indefinite. This last point is still pending, according to the union. On the other hand, the employees of assistance in ground in the company WFS demand the payment of arrears, a transformation of contracts, the rotation of libranzas or some adjustments of day.

In April 2019, coinciding with Holy Week, the indefinite strike by Ilunion security personnel came to create one hour queues at the access to the lathes. Convened on that occasion by the Autonomous Union of Madrid (ATES-SAM), the second day of strike reached increased waiting times in access controls until the hour and a half. Therefore, ATES-SAM advised travelers to go earlier than usual to avoid major complications. The arrests of the security guards coincided in time with the protests of the ground personnel. A scenario that aims to be repeated in just a few days.

The week in the air sector will be marked by the trial of the controllers. Tomorrow will begin in a court in Madrid the trial against 133 air traffic controllers accused of abandoning public service during the chaos of December 2010, which led to the closure of the airspace for about 20 hours and affected 600,000 passengers. According to industry sources, 119 controllers have agreed with the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office a reduction of the fine up to 21,000 euros and a suspension of employment for five months. In the case of union representatives, the fine will be 31,500 euros.


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