March 4, 2021

Strikes back in El Prat

Strike threats have already become a classic of the summer season. And this year was not going to be less. To the already announced strikes of the security guards of El Prat -from tomorrow- and the Renfe workers -from the 15th, we must add the one of the Iberian land workers at the Barcelona airport, which They have called stops next 27 and 28 this month to protest the overload of work and the lack of hiring to deal with the activity in the summer season. The works council has denounced in a statement, "the lack of an industrial plan" for the airport of El Prat that includes hiring to solve the work overload of a staff composed of between 2,000 and 2,500 people.

The representatives of the workers, of UGT, They have assured that the company has not responded to the problems of the workforce despite the fact that last year "it undertook to solve the problem in the context of a call to strike". The staff of the company called to strike are responsible for the attention to passengers and the work of loading and unloading the aircraft.

In addition to more hiring, the committee is demanding that "indiscriminate" use of overtime be avoided, that all medical leave be covered and that adequate training be given to new staff.

The situation in El Prat will start to be chaotic this weekend. The works council of the security guards keep the strike indefinitely starting tomorrow to demand improvements in the Trablisa company, awarded the service since June 2019. Unemployment will affect a workforce of 480 workers. The objective of the call is to demand improvements in the training and salaries of Trablisa «Through a productivity bonus of 200 euros that, at least, is close to the 250 agreed with the guards of the Mallorca Airport». These mobilizations have been unanimously convened by the works council, made up of union organizations Trade union alternative, STS, SPS, USO and PROU.El Prat already lived a strike of vigilantes of the security arches a couple of summers that caused the chaos and indiscriminate delays.

Neither Renfe will get rid of the stoppages. CC OO maintains its call for July 15 to demand more employment, less work and a salary consolidation. The union protests what they consider a breach of the company in essential aspects of the last collective agreement.

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