February 27, 2021

Strikes at Easter: the stops on trains and planes that can affect you on vacation – La Provincia

Strikes at Easter: the stops on trains and planes that can affect you on vacation - La Provincia

Theair and rail sectorface this Holy Weeknumerous calls for strikethat can affect those citizens who decide to use these services to travel this vacation.

The unions have called for strikes and work stoppages in the air, sea and rail sector that began this Friday, April 12, with aindefinite strike of security guards at the Barajas airport,and they will continue throughout the month until, at least, on Sunday, the 28th, the last day of arrests of Renfe guards in Madrid.

In the following calendar you can see all the days of Holy Week in which there are strikes and stoppages called in the different transport networks.


Security workers at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport have called an indefinite strike since this past midnight, less than a week before the Easter holidays begin.

The meetings betweenthe Autonomous Union of Madrid and Ilunion Seguridadhave not prospered because, according to the committee, the company's proposal "has nothing to do" with the workers' demands: "We want to highlight the irresponsibility of AENA, who being aware of the conflict, has not communicated anything to the companies or to the users. "

From the union,ask users to have "patience" to possible agglomerationsand "chaotic situations" that may take place at security controls. The workers claim measures of family reconciliation, a series of bonuses and measures aimed at rest during the day or the training of workers.


The days 21 and 24 of April, days in which will begin and end respectively the'return operation', the 60,000 workers who make up the ground staff of Spanish airports or 'handling' are called to strike.

The USO and UGT unions ensure thatthe employer "wanted a blank check"which consisted in "withdrawing the strike in exchange for nothing, when in July and October it withdrew with agreements and they have not complied." The company and the unions have met to agree on minimum services although they have not yet managed to reach an agreement.


The pilots of Air Nostrum are called to strikeon April 15, 16, 17, 22, 23 and 24,coinciding with the Holy Week operation, with the exception of flights between the Peninsula and the Canary Islands, which will operate at 100%.

The Ministry of Development has established that the minimum services between Spain and abroad are 47% on days 15, 16, 17 and 22 April and 45% on days 23 and 24; while the minimum services for domestic flights will be 31% on days 15, 16, 17 and 22 April, and 29% on days 23 and 24.


The union UGT Madrid has called a strike of security guards who work for Renfe in Madrid. The mobilization will consist of partial stoppages of two hours from Thursday, April 18, the same day that Operation Exit of Holy Week begins, until April 28.

The union denounces thatthe company has stopped paying the vigilantes a plus of 180 eurosand another of 300 euros, and marks out both Renfe and other successful bidders (Garda, Segurisa and Prositecnisa) of "irresponsibility" in a context of anti-terrorist state of alert.


Comisiones Obreras has called a day of strike on April 17, in full operation out of Holy Week, for theworkers of Adif, Adif Alta Velocidad, Ports of the State and Maritime Rescue. The reason for the strike is to demand that the Government approve definitively the pre-agreements reached by these public companies with their unions on their collective agreements between March and December 2018.

CCOO affirms that the agreements are paralyzed in the Ministry of Finance, something that supposes a "loss of rights" and the "kidnapping of collective bargaining", in addition to "calling into question" the authority of those responsible who signed the agreements of the agreements.


The Renfe train drivers' union, Semaf, has finally called off the 24-hour strike scheduled for April 23, coinciding with the "return operation," after saying that "they are satisfied with all their demands."

The machinists denounced"Inclusividad" and "passividad" of Renfebefore the agreements of professional development in the personnel of driving, although finally they have reached an agreement with Renfe. Still, other unions with less representation do not rule out calling strikes in the coming days to protest the delay in the approval of the new collective agreement agreed at the end of 2018.


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