Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Strikes at airports and trains in Semana and four other economic news in the morning

Strikes at airports and trains in Semana and four other economic news in the morning

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1. Long queues of passengers in Barajas for the beginning of the strike of security guards. Security workers at the Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas airport have started this Friday an indefinite strike coinciding with the start of the Easter holidays, and, in the first hours wait queues have been registered longer than usual. The strike committee of the Barajas security workers, made up of representatives of the Autonomous Trade Union of Madrid (ATES-SAM), did not reach an agreement with Ilunion Seguridad in the mediation act.

2. Banco Santander launches a takeover of 2,560 million for 25% of its subsidiary in Mexico. The financial institution chaired by Ana Botín has launched this Friday a repurchase offer of 25% of the capital stock of Santander México that he took out on the Stock Exchange in 2012 to recover the total ownership of his subsidiary. The shareholders' meeting was also marked for the frustrated signing of Andrea Orcel as CEO. Santander has ratified its decision last January to stop the appointment because of the high cost of paying the Italian banker the deferred bonus of 55 million euros that dragged from his career at UBS, but for the first time he has admitted in public that he hoped to cheapen it. for the historical relationship that Santander maintained with the Swiss bank.

3. Business confidence goes back in the second quarter and rises 0.3%. The confidence of Spanish businessmen dates back to the second quarter of 2019 and rises 0.3% against the fall of 1% in the first quarter of the year and after stringing two consecutive quarters of negative rates. According to the indicator published this Friday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), confidence increases in transport and hospitality (2.9%), construction (0.3%) and other services (0.2%), while that falls in industry (0.4%) and trade (0.4%).

4. Borja Prado, interrupted many times in the meeting by the whistles of Endesa trade unionists. The president of Endesa, Borja Prado, has suffered the protests of the union members of the company They have interrupted him numerous times during his farewell speech at the shareholders' meeting that is being held in Madrid.

5. These are the income exempt from paying IRPF in the income statement 2018-2019. exist certain incomes received by the taxpayer that do not pay by IRPF, even if the taxable event has occurred. In this line, the Registry of Tax Advisors Economists (REAF), a specialized taxation body of the General Council of Economists (CGE), recalls which are the most frequent exempt income and the aspects to be taken into account


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