Strike: Taxi war rages in Madrid as the political pulse rises | Economy

Strike: Taxi war rages in Madrid as the political pulse rises | Economy

Hundreds of taxi drivers have concentrated on Monday Genoa street before the national headquarters of the PP, where they have chanted proclamations against the president of the Community of Madrid, Ángel Garrido, on his eighth consecutive day of strike. This has ensured for its part that it remains open to reach an agreement with the taxi sector after the failure in the negotiations of last week, but has warned that it will not legislate to eliminate competition, nor will it continue the Catalan model, where it has been agreed that concerted transport vehicles (VTC) can only be hired with a minimum notice time of 15 minutes, extendable to one hour. "They only admit that they can be hired one hour in advance in that place that is heading towards the Middle Ages for years," he criticized. "They are forbidden to build hotels, they are with turismofobia, in Catalonia they are pro-independence and radical," he said in statements to the Cope chain, collected by Europa Press.

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, It has criticized that the Government in a "cowardly" way passes a problem "of its competence" to the autonomous communities and has announced that this week will present an initiative in Congress for the taxi to be regulated at the state level. Casado proposes a liberalization of the sector and the creation of a fund to repurchase the licenses of taxi drivers.

"It is unusual, has burned to all Spain and it turns out that the problem is the PP to say that we do not have to legislate what is already legislated," said the popular leader. Married bet that taxi drivers can operate without restrictions that establish their rest periods, the municipal scope in which they can operate or their integration in digital platforms, but at the same time defends that keep maintaining perks as the possibility of picking up people in the street or their places reserved in centers such as hospitals, airports, stations and fairgrounds.

The Minister of Public Works, José Luis Ábalos, announced shortly after that he plans to appear this week in the Congress of Deputies to give explanations about his performance in the conflict between the taxi and the VTC. This has been announced by the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Transport and Housing, Pedro Saura, who He argued that "as in all of Europe, urban mobility is competence of local and regional administrations ".


The Madrid City Council, which has abandoned its role as mediator in the conflict, has limited itself to saying through sources in the area of ​​Environment and Mobility that "the law is a competence of the Community of Madrid" and to urge the regional government to "negotiate urgently."

The deputy secretary general of the PSOE and parliamentary spokeswoman, Adriana Lastra, has accused Garrido of the lack of agreement between taxi drivers and VTC for not knowing "govern complexity". In the corridors of the Congress of Deputies, stressed that both the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, and the Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, have assumed their responsibility approving a royal decree law which was validated by the absolute majority of Parliament. He specified that the reality of the taxi and the VTC "is not the same" in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Asturias or Valencia, and, in the specific case of the capital, said that perhaps because of this the PP has changed its candidate, since Garrido has demonstrated that inability and has not reached an agreement with taxi drivers and VTC.

The president of the PP, meanwhile, has insisted that neither the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, nor the mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, have acted in this situation and has urged to help the taxi sector "without limiting the freedom of the user"In Casado's opinion, we have to reach an agreement that allows both groups to collaborate through a state law so that the taxi is not undermined by the payment of the licenses. "We have proposed that in addition to liberalizing the taxi, there is a bag, which is paid with taxes to the VTC, so that these licenses can be repurchased," he said in an interview on Antena 3 collected by Europa Press. Considers that this fund would be better than the possibility of paying, by the State, possible compensation if the VTCs sue the Administration if they see their sector in danger.

Regarding the situation in Madrid, Married has warned that you can not "kidnap the citizenship" and paralyze a city "calling the war" to defend a sector. But he has also said that these "worst images" correspond "with a minority" and do not represent the totality of the taxi drivers. Garrido has also insisted that he can not afford to leave a "pufo" of compensation of 2,000 million euros "that Madridians have to pay because there is blackmail for a small part of the taxi".

For the afternoon of Monday, taxi drivers have called a new concentration in the Puerta del Sol, in order to move their complaints to the seat of the regional government.


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