Strike in Renfe on January 21 and 7

Strike in Renfe on January 21 and 7

The union CCOO has convened two days of strike in Adif and Renfe for the days of December 21 and January 7, in addition to the stoppages that had already agreed for the collective of Renfe's intervention on the road for the next day 14, protesting the adjustment of its staff and working conditions.

"We mobilized to rto recover lost employment, to improve purchasing power and materialize the salary increases agreed, to enforce the internalization of workload and mobility agreements, both geographical and functional, and to specify the agreed reduction of working hours for the entire public sector, "explained the General Secretary of the Railway Sector today. of FSC-CCOO, Manuel Nicolás Taguas.

The union alleges as a motive for the protests the "continued decline of the workforce" in both companies and demands a multi-year human resources plan that "allows for the renewal, rejuvenation and gender re-balancing" in their jobs, where women barely they represent 13% of the staff.

According to CCOO, the lack of net job creation causes its workforce to fall every year, which makes it "essential" that the ministries involved authorize a generation of new jobs with a replacement rate "well above one hundred percent".

The union denounces that the adjustment of personnel deteriorates the service provision due to labor conflicts and the continuous outsourcing, and criticizes that the bet on the railway is being based "only" on the high-speed train, "forgetting the railroad, which uses more than 90% of the citizenship for their daily life ".

On the other hand, complains that the improvements set in the I Agreement for the Improvement of Public Employment, without even having been presented to workers a proposal on the application of the 37.5 hour week , the bag of hours for conciliation measures or supplements in case of Temporary Disability (IT).


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