Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

Strike for the weather: More than 30,000 people take the center of Brussels | Society

Strike for the weather: More than 30,000 people take the center of Brussels | Society

Brussels has been hosting since the beginning of the year the largest demonstrations in Europe against climate change. And this Friday, when dozens of marches had been called up all over the world, the city did not click. More than 30,000 young people, according to the police, returned to the streets to demand immediate action against global warming. At the end of the demonstration, the Belgian activist Anuna De Weber, welcomed the participation and found that the movement continues to grow beyond Belgium.

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The demonstration came out at 13.30 from the Brussels North Station shouting in favor of measures to fight against climate change. The city had already experienced large student protests several Thursdays in January and February. And yesterday he took them back. A flood of students traveled the main avenues of the center, which altered the public transport service and the circulation through the city. "We want actions! And when do we want them? Now! "Shouted a group of flamenco students at the beginning of the march.

The protesters carried all kinds of posters. In French, Dutch, English or Spanish. Most urged to act fast. "There is no time to lose" and "there is no planet B" were the most widespread. Some were very clever, even irreverent. "The seasons are more irregular than my periods," carried a girl. "The dinosaurs thought they had time too ..." read a large banner displayed in the Central Station.

The march ran in a festive tone, with music and even with fruit distributed by some activists halfway through. "I get wet because of climate change", raised a boy almost euphoric when it started to rain in the middle of a demonstration. "I come to manifest myself because we have to repair everything the generation before me has done. And there is no time to lose. We want to see results already, "warned Lieke, a young woman arriving from Antwerp. On this occasion, however, they were accompanied by citizens of all ages. "You are not alone!" A woman interrupted Lieke as she spoke.

In the demonstration could also be seen flags of ecological political parties and the Belgian left, as well as trade unions. But it overflowed the student participation of the previous ones. In this his teachers manifested or even grandparents for the weather. In the city of lobbies, organizations such as Greenpeace, Oxfam or Amnesty International attended.

The march ended around 3.30 pm at the Midi station, where several parliaments were held. The student leader who has emerged in Belgium for this movement, Anuna De Weber, celebrated that Brussels has once again been one of the capitals with more participation, with more than 30,000 people. "That's a very strong message. There are protests in more than a hundred countries and the movement continues to grow, "De Weber said.


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