January 26, 2021

Strike 8-M: Women (only)

Strike 8-M: Women (only)

There will be those who today take to the streets to demonstrate in favor of women. Who will prefer to make his little revolution from the workplace or who choose to look at the purple fever with disdain. But all will do so in freedom, which, after all, is the purpose of this 8-M: to end the imposition and welcome the desired equality in all spheres of life. That gender is not a burden for anyone. A date that last year became a milestone when more than six million people raised the banner of feminism, a movement that has since tried to capitalize on political parties to attract more votes, but with a critical eye and in the rearguard of citizens who do not want this issue to be used as an electoral weapon.

Everyone is involved in this fight, men too. Here is one of them. A journalist who has been soaked in testimonies of women to offer a complete panoramas of what they think, what they want and what they claim daily, not only on a specific date marked on the calendar. Women who say that it is essential to go to the protests today and others who do not understand or share this wave of feminism and flee from a label that now seems to be in fashion. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, workers and students. All of them proud of their X chromosome and ready to give the battle. In the Plaza de Callao in Madrid we meet Victoria and Lorena. They just stopped at work to have a coffee. Diluvia, but agree to do a "stand by" in their plans to talk about feminism. «This fight is very important, but we can not lose the north. Equality is not being above anyone, but at the same level, and sometimes I see certain comments that I do not like at all », explains Lorena, who works at a cosmetics company. His partner is Venezuelan and "of machismo I know a little," clarifies Victoria. "In Spain you feel much more equality between men and women, but there is still much to be done," he stresses. Among the most repeated demands among the protagonists of this special edition of women is the reconciliation, the salary gap and access to positions of responsibility, that glass ceiling under which thousands of women are still trapped today.

In the Plaza Mayor of the capital we are served by Sraracheras Rosario and Chelo Moreno. They are sisters and share the "horror" that runs through their veins when they talk about 8-M. "It's an absolute bullshit, it's like Father's Day or Valentine's Day," says the eldest of the sisters, who looks with vitality for 73 years. For them, the fundamental thing is to emphasize education and to set an example, Rosario says that in her home were five men, her husband and four children. "I have always tried hard so that no one in my house felt superior, to promote the values ​​of equality. That's the important thing, "he explains. Chelo is less politically correct and speaks openly. Genius and figure. «As I'm not going to be a feminist. Of course we are. Feminist and feminine, but not radical. It is that now it seems that people have very thin skin. Who does not like a compliment? If it is done with respect, we do not have to be so fussy about everything, "says the elder sister. «And, eye, I have never felt like an object woman and I have lived in much worse years than the current ones», adds Rosario. Precisely the micromachismos referred to by the Moreno have become a kind of Damocles sword that now levitates over each of the comments made in social events. "It's amazing how those little macho comments run through the networks without anyone doing anything, you have to end it. I do not think that young people are more macho than our ancestors, but we do see attitudes that we thought were forgotten, "says Vega, who has just left a Pharmacy exam. He is 21 years old and will go to the demonstration today "because what he feels there is very exciting. It is a feeling of unity among women that I like very much. Fight for what unites us », he emphasizes. Diana, who works as a chambermaid, is five years older than Diana, but also shares the idea of ​​ending the micromachismos as soon as possible. "A good way to do it would be for the televisions to broadcast more documentaries where we could see how women lived before and everything we have advanced since then. That is, to be aware of what we have achieved and what we can return to if we do not keep fighting for it, "he says.

In last year's call it was requested that only women attend. In fact, there were areas for men who wanted to accompany their friends, girlfriends, women or mothers in this fight. An imposition that few understood. If it's about equality, we all go hand in hand in this "war," many thought. Precisely to delve into this idea we have cited several influential men. Men who have triumphed in business, politics and sports. The president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, the Olympic athlete Chema Martínez and Ignacio Aguado, spokesman for Citizens in the Assembly of Madrid, attend us without hesitation. They are also involved in promoting equality and speaking clearly. We asked them if they would be in the same position they currently hold if they were women, if they would run alone if they were women or if they could reconcile their personal and work life when they decided to become parents. In the following pages you will be able to read their answers and how they have been involved from their different areas to put an end to the gender division, because without the total awareness of society, little can be done. It is not a question of dividing, but of uniting, of making ourselves strong together so that nobody looks at the other in terms of sex. In short, to be and live in freedom.


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