March 5, 2021

'Stranger Things' perfects its formula | TV

First of all: Stranger Things come back in shape The series that In 2016, nostalgia became fashionable on television he has come up with a formula and grabs it to achieve a very entertaining delivery although without reinventing or risking too much. Seen the eight chapters that Netflix premieres this Thursday, July 4, they are a very entertaining summer marathon aimed at fans of the series. That's why you do not need radical changes to work. More of the same? In large part, yes, but it is effective and entertaining, which is what it intends. It will be more of the same, but bigger, with more action (one of the things that stand out in this season), new scenarios and good additions. It also helps that almost two years have passed since his previous delivery. Anyone looking for radical renovations has shown that this is not their series.

And now comes the tricky thing: talk about Stranger Things 3 without being able to tell anything of Stranger Things 3 Because the list of spoilers that Netflix asks not to mention in the criticisms prior to the premiere is such that it prevents even referring to characters and events that are seen in minute one. We will walk through its plot as if it were a minefield.

'Stranger Things' perfects its formula

The story moves to the summer of 1985. Children are no longer such children. The Hawkins Mall is the new great attraction for spending leisure time. And, of course, strange things begin to happen (of which, obviously, we can not talk). Throughout much of the eight chapters, the characters are grouped into pairs or groups that develop their own investigations until their adventures converge and they are all in a final episode full of action, adrenaline and emotion that, incidentally, leaves the open doors (with post-credits scene) for the already confirmed fourth season.

At the rhythm of clasicazos of the time (as Material Girl to accompany Eleven and Max during their shopping in the mall) they go conjugating the cinephile references as Terminator, Return to the future (premiered in the USA just this summer), The invasion of the ultrabodies, Alien or ET, the nostalgic sauce in which a story with a lot of adventure, action and some terror is watered. The darkness is countered with the usual high doses of humor, especially the group formed by Dustin, Steve, Erica (the resabiada sister of Lucas, who this season has much more role and for which are some of the lines of dialogue more funny) and Robin, a good addition played by Maya Hawke, daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. Also more humor comes from the particular odyssey that Hopper and Joyce experience. Meanwhile, those who take most seriously are the group of other teenagers and their older brothers, who not only have to face the monster on duty but also another monster that gives even more fear: grow.

'Stranger Things' perfects its formula

Stranger Things he has refined his formula. Look for the marathons, transport you to the past, smile with nostalgic references, do not let go of that song of the last episode that, yes, exact, we can not reveal … Let the smell of fireworks reach you and the July 4th fair, even if you never celebrated on July 4th. That for eight hours you evade the boring and repetitive reality. Stranger Things it is entertainment bathed in nostalgia. It is our best memories and our nightmares captured on the screen. A light and uncomplicated television marathon. Nothing else. But also, nothing less.

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