July 5, 2020

Storms in the United States prevent Schwarzenegger from going to COP25

The winter storms that are plaguing the United States these days prevented California actor and former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger from attending his appointment with the World Climate Summit held in Madrid on Tuesday.

Schwarzenegger was one of the guests invited to participate in the No Planet B Latino Summit event, which took place in parallel to the institutional sessions within the summit.

The actor planned to integrate one of the discussion tables and his presence raised a great media expectation, but finally the organization announced that he had not been able to travel through the storms in the United States.

Schwarzenegger founded in September 2011 Regions of Climate Action, a nonprofit environmental organization, which was supported by the United Nations.

At the 2018 summit, held in Poland, he defended the existence of a climate crisis and admitted that the arguments that point to the negative impact of climate change may not convince everyone, "but everything changes when people are shown that these effects they can affect your daily life. "

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