Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Stock markets in Southeast Asia start the week with falls due to COVID-19

The advance of the COVID-19 pandemic in Southeast Asia and the measures imposed by several countries to stop it, coupled with fear of the recession, have caused all the stock markets in the region to have red numbers this Monday.

The Bangkok stock exchange closed the day with the biggest losses, with a decrease of 9.12 percent, after a weekend in which the Government of the Thai capital tightened the measures against the coronavirus by closing shopping malls, restaurants and other establishments while the detected cases of COVID-19 increase.

In Singapore, the stock market fell 177.26 points, 7.35 percent, and the Straits Times composite indicator closed at 2,233.48 units.

In Indonesia, the Jakarta square lost 205.43 integers, 4.90 percent, and the JCI index finished with 3,989.52 points.

In Malaysia, the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange fell 43.40 units, 3.33 percent, and the selective KLCI finished at 1,259.88 whole.

In Thailand, the Bangkok parquet fell 102.78 points, 9.12 percent, and the SET index ended the day with 1,024.46 units.

In the Philippines, the Manila market fell 35.39 integers, 0.74 percent, and the PSEi indicator closed the session with 4,743.37 points.

In Vietnam, the VN index of the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (formerly Saigon) closed at 666.59 units after subtracting 43.14 integers or 6.08 percent.


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