Stock market analysis: The Ibex returns to pessimism

Stock market analysis: The Ibex returns to pessimism

Bearish day we have lived today in our selective. Circumstance that enters normality, after having a great upward movement last Tuesday, but that surprises by the great virulence of the fall. This circumstance continues within a market that is becoming highly volatile, which also causes an increase in uncertainty within the investor.

The level of 9,000 points has been lost, and this level is presumed sufficiently important, as to think that the fall could continue until the area of ​​8,800 points. The negative impact after the order issued to Brussels by the Italian government, issuing a challenging budget and outside the acceptance range of the European Union, has been on this occasion the main reason why the market has cut back. This circumstance, accompanied by negative behavior in the United States, has been key.

On the corporate level, highlight the continuity of the fall of Dia, which is presumed as the value most attacked by the bassists for a long period of time.


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