May 10, 2021

Stock Market Analysis: The Ibex Bounces From Lows

The selective Spanish cut a streak of six negative sessions waiting for more information on how governments and central banks will protect the economy from the consequences of coronavirus. Investors continue to be very concerned about how long this crisis will last and where it will leave the economy.

The Federal Reserve confirmed that it is buying bonds worth 37,000 million through maturities, while Trump plans to declare a national emergency, while preparing a new stimulus package.

China announced that it will inject $ 79 billion to boost the economy, while the European Union is preparing to suspend its restrictions on public spending. Regulators in Spain and Italy banned the short sale of some shares.

The big bench was unable to recover from the falls, and fell again. Bankia, Caixa and Sabadell rebounded, the latter strongly. The energy companies were the sector that performed best, once again serving as a refuge for investors. Securities such as Acciona, Amadeus or Cellnex, which led the increases a few weeks ago, regained investor confidence.

Joaquín Robles, XTB analyst


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