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Only 21 days left to receive the first breath of oxygen of the year, after having passed long and cold months mired in daily chores. The Easter holidays are for many people the opportunity to escape from the routine and get away from the place where they live to discover (or return to step) more or less distant locations. Organizing a trip in advance is almost always very useful to save some money, both in the booking of the flight and accommodation, and this time has not been an exception. If you have not had the time to do it until now or the desire to travel have suddenly emerged, however, there are still economically very desirable destinations.

Flights outside of Spain? Tel Aviv and Vienna

Houses in Saksum (Faroe Islands).
Houses in Saksum (Faroe Islands).

With departures both from Madrid and from Barcelona, ​​and for departures on the 12th and 22nd of April, the price of the ten cheapest long-haul flights oscillates between 200 euros and 450 euros, according to the search engine for flights, accommodation and Skyscanner rental cars. These data can offer useful indications if you want to travel around those dates. In this category of displacements, the cheapest route is the one that connects the Ciudad Condal with Tel Aviv (Israel), with tickets from 208 euros. Following flights between Madrid and Tunisia (Tunisia, 231 euros), Barcelona and Tirana (Albania, 271 euros), Madrid and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 308 euros), Moscow (329 euros), or Amman (Jordan, 327 euros), Barcelona and Beirut (Lebanon, 385 euros), Sorvagurv (Faroe Islands, 412 euros), Tehran (Iran, 422 euros), or Cairo (Egypt, 444 euros).

If you do not want to leave Europe, travel by plane from Palma de Mallorca to Vienna (Austria) will leave for only 49 euros, the cheapest option. In order of increasing price, there is also the possibility of flying from Valencia to Luqa (Malta, from 76 euros), from Barcelona to Bordeaux (79 euros) or Nice (France, 85 euros), from Gerona to Knock (Ireland, 95 euros), from Barcelona to Stockholm (Sweden, 95 euros) or Geneva (Switzerland, 102 euros), from Madrid to Port (Portugal, 105 euros), from Zaragoza to Brussels (Belgium, 127 euros), and from Madrid to Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki (Poland, 145 euros).

Not to go far, Barcelona

Whoever stays in Spain can also take advantage of some very cheap rates. The route with the lowest prices at all is the one that goes from Palma to Barcelona, ​​with tickets from 21 euros. Always according to Skyscanner, the flights between Palma and Madrid (22 euros), Ibiza and Valencia (26 euros), Barcelona e Ibiza (52 euros) or Santander (65 euros), Madrid and Alicante (69 euros), Santiago de Compostela (72 euros), Bilbao (79 euros), Vigo (82 euros), or Santander (93 euros).

"Advance is essential when looking for cheap flights, especially on dates such as Easter, but those who have delayed the purchase can rest easy," says spokeswoman Skyscanner, Cristina Avila. The economic options are not lacking, as well as the opportunity to save with respect to Easter last year, since there are destinations whose flights are now cheaper. This is the case of Vienna. The price of tickets for the capital of Austria this year has decreased by an average of 38% compared to Holy Week 2018 and fly to New York It is 24% cheaper. They follow him, although from a distance, Bangkok (Thailand, 6%), Dublin (Ireland) and London (5%).

Accommodation, in Sardinia

As for accommodation, the destination where it is possible to save more for this concept at Easter is La Maddalena, since one night in a family apartment on this small island north of Sardinia (Italy) is worth 39 euros, according to the website of themed breaks and activities Weekendesk. For 20 euros more per night, in Corigliano Calabro (South of Italy) it is possible to stay in an apartment and have access to some entertainment, a swimming pool and the private beach of a hotel. Always below 100 euros per night, they are followed by other similar getaways that include activities, access to different services or discounts: Veendam (Netherlands), for 69 euros per night, the Algarve (Portugal, 72 euros), Maurepas (France, 75 euros), La Chapelle sur Erdre (France, 80 euros), and Coimbra (Portugal, 85 euros).

The beach of Castelejo, in the Algarve (Portugal).
The beach of Castelejo, in the Algarve (Portugal).

If you prefer a getaway without crossing the border, the coast is one of the destinations with the best deals for this Holy Week. On the contrary, cities offer the most expensive accommodation and plans, always according to Weekendesk. From this portal stand out Almeria (53 euros per night), Sitges (70 euros), Guardamar del Segura (70 euros), the Costa de la Luz (72 euros), and Roquetas de mar (90 euros).

"The good weather, when Easter falls this year in mid-April, undoubtedly plays a decisive role that favors tourism," explains the deputy director of Weekendesk, Brigitte Hidalgo. "But we also have more availability and seasonal hotels open for these dates," he concludes.


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