Stick therapy and abstraction

The artist Teo Mesa with some of the pieces from his exhibition.  |  |  LP / DLP

The artist Teo Mesa with some of the pieces from his exhibition. | | LP / DLP

‘Palitroques and more … abstractions’ is the last exhibition of the artist Teo Mesa, that until April 16 can be seen in the Cicca. A project that began in 2014 and that the creator describes as “therapy for the visitor” after the social crisis generated by the pandemic of the coronavirus.

The viewer will find a Teo Mesa in essence, an artist who has always fled from figuration and pseudo-figuration in his work. It is “purely abstraction,” says the artist from his studio in Tarifa Baja, where every day, disciplined, he works so that the muses appear.

In the sample you can enjoy a total of 84 pieces including oil paintings, photographs, engravings and sculptures created by this versatile artist who, as a novelty, has also included free rhyming poems, sonnets and haikus that help to discover the paths that he has passed his thinking until he formed ‘Palitroques y más… abstracciones’.

“In my works I always make a prose description, an analysis, of what I have intended and I do it with the help of critics, my colleagues in art. In this case, due to the uncertainty posed by the covid, I have decided not to count on them and to do it myself with poetry and haikus ”, explains the artist, who also cultivates lyric as a mode of expression. His projects include the publication of a book or two, if possible, for which he already has about 200 pages.

The exhibition wants to serve as therapy to the visitor in these uncertain times. Not only because going to contemplate it at the Cicca allows us to enjoy art, the daily life in which we lived before the coronavirus, but because Teo Mesa has made use of the most vivid and brilliant color palette that he usually uses to bring joy, strength and enthusiasm to these hard times. “I considered the exhibition as a distraction for the visitor, so that he could escape from this pandemic that has us grieving,” says the painter, who adds that although he knew that few people could attend the exhibition, given the sanitary circumstances, he wanted serve as “a return to normalcy.” “Culture participates in this formula, allows us to verbalize what we have lost,” he says.

Laborious project

The project to conceive ‘Palitroques y más… abstracciones’ began in 2014 with the creation of some 40 chrome sculptures in two colors. Small abstract pieces made with four and five ‘sticks’, carved and modeled, which in themselves say a lot but which, under the aesthetics of the whole, make up a whole, as revealed by Teo Mesa. In this constant search for abstraction, the sculptor plays with shapes, volumes and colors so that the viewer draws his “own conclusions and emotions” about what he is contemplating.

The project has been “very long, very laborious”, Teo Mesa tells about the creative work to mount this exhibition, in which you can admire how the artist has managed to bring abstraction to different formats. “Each technique has its form of expression, although for me each project forms the same language, although I express it in a different way,” explains the painter, aware that it is not common for artists to work on different techniques at the same time. “I’m happy doing it,” he says.

The artist is currently working on a History of photography in Gran Canaria, to which he is giving the “last fringes” after his latest investigation on ‘Galdós, plastic artist ‘. A study on the foreign and national photographers who came to the Island from 1839 to the present, and for whose publication he seeks a sponsor. And he emphasizes that, despite the health crisis, “there must be culture, society, humanity cannot live without it”


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