Steve McQueen’s Mustang in “Bullitt” sells for $ 3.4 million

The 1968 Ford Mustang GT that Steve McQueen handled with mastery in the famous movie “Bullitt” was sold to the highest bidder in Kissimmee (Florida) for a record $ 3.4 million, auction company Mecum said.

It is the highest amount that has been paid so far for a Ford Mustang at auction, according to media specialized in vintage and collector cars.

The price originally paid for this dark green car – “highland green, according to specifications -, never restored and used in what is considered the first car chase scene filmed with cameras placed so that the viewer feels that it is inside of the vehicle, it was 3,500 dollars, says the portal

In the 10-minute adrenaline-laden scene, McQueen, who played in the film directed by Peter Yates to Lieutenant Frank Bullitt, chases behind the wheel of the Mustang a black Dodge Charger driven by a Chicago gangster by the steep and meandering San Francisco streets.

The owner of the Mustang before being sold this Friday at the Mecum auction in Kissimmee, a city near Orlando, was Sean Kiernan, whose parents used the car until 1981.

For years it was thought that he was missing but in 2018, just in coincidence with the 50 years of the action film that starred the ill-fated McQueen (1930-1980), he reappeared on the scene at the Detroit Motor Show.

In the information provided by Mecum for the auction it is said that McQueen tried several times to buy the Mustang from Sean Kiernan’s father, Bob Kiernan, a car collector, but always responded with refusals.

The question that fans of collector cars now ask themselves is whether the new owner of the Mustang of “Bullitt”, whose identity is unknown, will restore it or leave it as it is, with all its original parts and with the signs of the passage of the weather.

According to Mecum, an auction house specializing in old motor vehicles, from cars and boats to tractors, a second Mustang managed by dangerous scene specialists was used in the film.

That car was discovered in Mexico a short time ago, but it no longer has the original engine and has undergone body changes.

The “Bullitt” car is the star of the Mecum auction sessions in Kissimmee, which concludes this Sunday, and as such was treated when it made its appearance on the grounds of the Oceola Heritage Park, crowded with people who did not stop with their cell phones of photographing him as if he were a Hollywood star.


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