Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

stay at home ‘just leave the guests at home

The Homiguero

return to the nights of Antenna 3 after a week of absence in which the team of Pablo Motorcycles You have had to completely redesign the program. After having to do without the public for several days and even see how some guests could not attend their appointment, the program saw how the news specials occupied their time slot.

Despite wearing the pigtail, stay home, the program Atresmedia He did not give up his set, yes, with some changes in his scenery. After the classic dance, which was not lacking despite the sanitary measures imposed by the crisis of
coronavirus (covid-19)
, Trancas and Barrancas they appeared under a smaller table than usual. This change is due that the guests will be virtual and not physical.

'El Hormiguero' returned to the set despite government measures against the coronavirus

‘El Hormiguero’ returned to the set despite government measures against the coronavirus

This Monday we have been able to see how programs like Zapping was transferred to the house of each of the guests via Skype, giving rise to a program more typical of YouTuber than of a national television such as La Sexta. Other presenters who have chosen this option, although with better results, they have been Jordi Évole or Risto Mejide for weeks.

The promotions of the program, in which they encourage the public to stay at home to avoid contagions, contrast with the image of a numerous team in which technicians, cameras, illuminators, production that meet in the same space. Despite everything, Pablo Motos announced the intention of giving good news to the spectators.

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