July 14, 2020

Stay active with Garmin at all times

Doing sports at home has some advantages, such as the comfort of feeling in a familiar space and being able to choose the time and time to give it your all. Find a friendly and comfortable place, prepare the right material and give your best. There are three simple steps to follow to do a good workout from home. Weights, a mat, a chair or even the sofa itself can become useful material for a good workout.

But training at home also has some enemies, such as laziness and lack of motivation. To avoid them and not miss a beat, the music may be the solution. Pop, funk, rock, techno … choose the one you like best and help you stay active.

The motivation it is one of the most influential factors in creating healthy lifestyle habits. To maintain this stimulus, being able to see our progress and improvements by monitoring activity can help us. Know data such as heart rate in cardio training; knowing the level of stress and breathing during a yoga activity; and keep track of calories burned, They are data that help us see physical evolution and contribute to our wanting to continue improving.

Home workout routine

Just like in the gym or sports center, home training must be made up of the heating, development and cooling stage. In the first phase the body is alerted, the muscles and joints prepare and the pulsations rise. In the development stage, cardio and strength exercises can be combined. And for cooling, gradual stretches are recommended to bring the body back to calm. When it comes to getting down to work, it is important to know if the body is prepared for physical effort or if, on the contrary, it is convenient to give it a break, data such as the analysis of heart rate, stress level, quality of sleep and the type of activity will help us to know.

For those Garmin users who have a fēnix® 6 model, vívoactive® 4 / 4s and Venu ™, remember that you can do animated workouts this feature being a great source of help and inspiration. Thanks to them, you will have an animated coach who will indicate the steps to follow, the times and the repetitions to be performed. In this way, you will know what movements you should do and you will have a visual reference to carry out the exercise following the correct technique. Push-ups, sit-ups, squats, rowing, weights … the smart coach adapts to your conditions and needs, making it possible for you to develop a balanced workout and with actual results.

Whatever training is chosen, a correct one hydration it is essential for physical and mental well-being. Recording the daily intakes of liquid and checking if a good level of hydration is maintained, will help you return to the body the water and salts expelled during training.

Staying fit and acquiring healthy habits is very important and helps us to carry out our day-to-day life better, but doing it from home is also a good opportunity to find the best time in a controlled, familiar and comfortable environment. Now we just need to start!

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