June 19, 2021

Start to install generators in Menorca at priority points

Start to install generators in Menorca at priority points

The installation works of some 25 generators at priority points in Menorca, such as geriatrics and other public facilities, began following the blackout caused yesterday by the storm.

The public administrations of Menorca have issued a statement detailing the damage caused by the tornado that struck yesterday part of the island, with damage to homes, telephone and electrical infrastructure.

The tornado affected the high-voltage lines, leaving Ciutadella, Es Mercadal, Ferreries, Alaior and Es Migjorn without power supply. The length of the affected lines and the adverse weather could prolong the restoration work of the network.

The rest of generators, up to 70 according to the forecast, as well as machinery and personnel necessary to restore the correct supply to the population will arrive today by boat from Barcelona and Valencia, if the sea conditions allow it.

The health centers will function normally today and there will also be classes in all the educational centers of Menorca. School transport works normally.

The school activity will adapt and it is possible that some teaching activities will have to be rescheduled due to the lack of electricity supply in the centers located in the affected municipalities.

The administrations emphasize the importance of the population making responsible use of light and energy in the municipalities where there is electricity service and where it is restored. That is, the citizens of Mahón, Sant Lluís and Es Castell, where the electricity supply is maintained.

It is also recommended that the public follow all the news through the radio until the correct mobile telephone service is restored. From the 112 service, contacts are maintained with the telephony operators.

The Balearic Government, along with the Consell de Menorca, affected municipalities, Red Eléctrica and Endesa work in a coordinated manner to "restore the service as soon as possible and meet the priority needs of the population."

For this, the institutions involved, companies and security forces and bodies yesterday held a coordination meeting at the headquarters of the Consell de Menorca.


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