August 5, 2021

Start the fourth day of search for the missing child in the flood of Mallorca

Start the fourth day of search for the missing child in the flood of Mallorca

Specialists from the Military Emergency Unit, the Civil Guard and Firefighters of Mallorca have taken up the task of searching for the disappeared child in the torrent of Levante de Mallorca, first thing in the morning, for the fourth consecutive day.

Sources of the Civil Guard have confirmed that the tracking is carried out in several areas of the Ses Planes torrent: the section next to Son Carrió, where personal effects of the small one were found, and the area of ​​the mouth of the channel in S'Illot .

Artur, born in 2012, disappeared on Tuesday night when the vehicle in which he was traveling with his mother was dragged by the flood of water, mud and debris of all kinds that produced the torrential rains poured in a couple of hours on the torrent.

The mother, found dead in the car the next day, had managed to get her eldest daughter out of the tourist before she was dragged.

The search operation involves a hundred people from different bodies of emergencies, including agents of the Special Group of Underwater Activities of the Civil Guard, as well as several tracking dogs.

The torrential rains on Tuesday, October 9 in the Levante region of Mallorca, with records exceeding 250 liters per square meter, have left, for the moment, twelve fatalities, six Spanish, three German, two British and one Dutch.

Hundreds of families and businesses have suffered serious damage to their properties and different public infrastructures have been destroyed in the biggest natural catastrophe in the recent history of Mallorca.


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