start of august

Half of August has already passed and, contrary to what some thought, the stock market is doing very well this summer. Last week the Ibex rose 3% and chained the longest series of days rising for a long time. Since the lows of a couple of months ago, the world stock market has recovered more than 10%, which serves to dismantle some of those recommendations of bad advisers who take advantage of human miseries in their relationship with money that Kahneman described so well, They don't miss the opportunity to do as they do when the headlines get worse to sell the Stock Market almost always at the wrong time. Trying to anticipate what the stock market is going to do is always a difficult task. And the easy thing is always to go with the herd under cover of one of the crudest excuses that exists in this financial advice: sleep peacefully. Related News The fifth in discord opinion Yes The name of the game José Ramón Iturriaga With ad hominem disqualifications or jokes from Chinese from the corner, President Pedro Sánchez has decided to go on vacation History teaches us that 80% of the profitability the market will give you it hits 20% of the time. And, normally, that period usually catches the investor with the wrong foot. Those who try to win by entering and leaving the stock market in the heat of the headlines, what they achieve is the opposite: a very high percentage of investors who have invested in the American Stock Market in the last 100 years, which is the longest period for which we have data. They have lost money. How have they done it? Entering and leaving at the wrong time. What is happening this summer in the markets, which for many is the last summer, is a very good example that the Stock Market usually does what causes the most damage to investors. In this case, it seems clear that what hurt the most was going up, especially if we take into account the psychosis in which we are installed. Looking ahead, I am not going to be the one to make predictions, but my recommendation would be that those who in good faith try to do you a favor by encouraging you to sell the Stock Exchange should not trust you, because perhaps it will allow you to sleep a few days more peacefully if the heat It allows but, of course, what they are not going to achieve is better returns, quite the opposite. In this investment, as in many other things in life, who loves you well will make you suffer. At least a little.

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