June 14, 2021

Start elections in Slovakia with the center right as favorite

Slovak polling stations opened this Saturday at 06.00 GMT for legislative elections, in which the 150 deputies of the National Council are elected, and where social democracy is expected to lose its long hegemony at the polls in favor of the right center .

The almost 6,000 schools in the Central European country will close at 22.00 local time (21.00 GMT), which is when the counting will begin, with no ballot box polls announced that advance the direction of the vote.

There are seven parties that would enter the unicameral parliament of Bratislava, according to the latest survey by the Focus agency, for which it is necessary to exceed the threshold of 5% of the ballots issued.

Favorite party is the conservative movement People Current (OLaNO) of Igor Matovic, which the polls give 19.1%, followed by 15.6% of the social democratic SMER, which currently governs the country in coalition with the nationalists of the SNS, which they would now be out of parliament.

The third force would be the neo-Nazi Our Slovakia (LSNS) by Marian Kotleba, with 9.8%, ahead of the Slovak-Progressive-United States (PS-S) centrist coalition, where the current head of state, Zuzana Caputova, militated with 9.2%.

Another radical formation, Somos Familia (Sme Rodina), a Slovak nationalist and xenophobic partner “Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedoms” championed by French Marine Le Pen and Italian Matteo Salvini, would receive 7.2% of the vote.

Liberal Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) would also enter, with 7%, as would the centrist “For the People” of former President Andrej Kiska, with 6.6% support in the polls.


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