July 5, 2020

Starbucks opens its largest headquarters in Chicago with exclusive coffee blends

Hundreds of consumers lined up early this Friday in the heart of the "Magnificent Mile", the most expensive and exclusive shopping area in Chicago, to be the first to enjoy a unique experience offered by Starbucks at the opening of its largest cafeteria .

The Starbucks Reserve Roastery Chicago, where only exclusive blends of coffees produced in various parts of the world are served, are opened on the four floors of a building that occupies the corner of Michigan Avenue and Erie Street.

The first in line was Elizabeth Stoler, on vacation in the city, who arrived at five in the morning to "enjoy a fabulous place," he told local media.

Is that the experience goes beyond tasting a coffee in an exclusive environment and chosen from a new menu.

The aroma that receives customers upon entering the first floor comes from the roasting and grinding of the seeds that are made in the place and in sight of all.

These mixtures allow offering a menu of specialties very different from that available in the other 24,000 stores that the chain has in the United States and 70 other countries.

In addition to coffee, the aroma of fresh bread, cornettis, focaccia, pizzas and sandwiches made by the Italian bakery of Rocco Princi, which Starbucks incorporated as a new concept last year in some cities, is irresistible.

On the fourth floor, the "Arriviamo" bar serves wine, craft beers and cocktails created by three specially hired baristas.

This Chicago experience is not new, but the sixth of its kind, because the chain already has similar experiences in Milan (Italy), New York and Seattle (in the United States), Shanghai (China) and Tokyo (Japan).

"But Chicago is the largest of all," said Kevin Johnson, executive director of Starbucks, who highlighted the historical relationship the chain has had with this city.

As reported, Starbucks opened its first store outside of the city of Seattle (Washington) 32 years ago in Chicago, where it was born in 1971.

At the time it was "a great challenge", because Chicago customers were demanding consumers, but we hope that this new experience will become "a new source of pride" for the city, said the general manager of Starbucks Reserve , Shauna McKenzie-Lee.

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