Stampede of bodybuilders before an anti-doping control | sports

Stampede of bodybuilders before an anti-doping control | sports

A championship of fitness Y bodybuilding that was going to be held last Sunday in Santurtzi (Bizkaia) had to be suspended after the massive abandonment of the competition by the participants knowing that anti-doping tests would be carried out. It is the II Euskadi Cup organized by IFBB-Euskadi (International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness).

In a statement, the Basque Anti-Doping Agency (EAA-AVA), under the Directorate of Physical Activity and Sports of the Basque Government, recalled that in May signed a collaboration agreement with the IFBB-Euskadi for this agency to conduct doping controls in the competitions organized by this association in the Basque Country.

As a result of this agreement, the AVA conducted doping controls in a competition held in Santurtzi on June 16, 2018, the results of which were forwarded to IFBB-Euskadi. In its note, the AVA reminds that it is the IFBB-Euskadi that is in charge of processing the disciplinary proceedings for the use of doping substances.

In this control, samples were taken to 12 participants, of which five tested positive for one or several substances of different types (anabolic, stimulants, diuretics and social drugs). Antonio León, president of the Bodybuilding Association of Euskadi, clarifies the newspaper Ace that one gave positive for an inhaler since it dragged respiratory problems, although it did not communicate it at the weighing, and another got nervous "and gave it to the marijuana."

Last Sunday, the AVA, without previous notice "as usual and desirable", was presented in the competition, which began at eight o'clock in the morning at the Serantes theater Santurtzi. When the AVA agents showed up at the site, the event had already begun, since the weighing had already taken place. While the agents made the preparations to carry out the control, the organizer informed them of the suspension of the test due to the stampede of the participants.

According to AVA, "this does not mean that the abandonment of the competition by the participants was due to the existence of doping control." "This assertion must be made, in any case, by the IFBB-Euskadi (organizer) and / or by the participants," the note adds.

Ace precise that of 27 participants, they left the theater 20. SAccording to the regulations, seven participants are insufficient to compete in a tournament with different categories. "The kids, when they saw a person with a card around their neck that says it's from the Anti-Doping Agency and a folder, they got scared," he explains. Antonio León to the sports newspaper.

The AVA adds in its note that in the international forums on the fight against doping in which this agency has participated it has become clear that an activity "in which there is an important problem in relation to the use of doping substances, it's the physical-bodybuilding and fitness ".

"We fight for sporting recognition to prevent these things from happening and people do not use prohibited substances," sentence in the Ace Antonio León, who announced the definitive suspension of the Euskadi Cup.

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