March 6, 2021

Stabilized a fire between Murcia and Albacete after burning 130 hectares

A forest fire declared in the afternoon of this Friday in an area of ​​pine and scrubland near the Cenajo swamp, on the border between Murcia and Albacete, has been stabilized at 9 am this Saturday after the intervention of seven helicopters and airplanes and a hundred ground troops.

According to 112, this Saturday about 80 people work in the area supported by two helicopters from the Government of Murcia from the air, to which a third will be added throughout the morning and another pair sent by the Board of Communities of Castilla- La Mancha

They are assisted on the ground by heavy machinery, forest brigades and environmental agents and firefighters who work in this place near the Segura rice fields in Calasparra but in the municipality of Moratalla and in its district of Salmerón.

The Government air media and the regional administrations of Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha who worked during the approximately three hours of sunlight they had after declaring the fire at 6:30 pm had the advantage of having water to load nearby on the Segura river and in the reservoir.

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