August 1, 2021

Stabbed the man who mortally wound his son with a narcolancha in Algeciras

Stabbed the man who mortally wound his son with a narcolancha in Algeciras

The National Police has arrested a 28-year-old man in Algeciras (Cádiz) for allegedly stabbing the accused to deathly run over his son with a boat.

The facts have occurred at the gates of the section of the Provincial Court of Algeciras, as indicated today by police sources, who have indicated that it is the father of the child who died in the waters of the beach of Getares last May when being attacked by a semi-rigid boat the boat in which he was next to his father.

The Police have pointed out that the detainee is considered the alleged perpetrator of a crime of injury for the events, which took place on Tuesday.

The detainee allegedly stabbed a 35-year-old man around 10.45 in the vicinity of the Provincial Court.

The victim, who was stabbed with a knife in the torso, It was transferred by the health services of the 061 to the Punta Europa hospital in the town of Algeciras.

Sources close to the case have explained that the injured, who was going to the Hearing for a trial related to a case of drug trafficking, is the owner of the boat that caused the death of the child.

The alleged perpetrator of the injuries has passed this morning at the disposal of the Court of Instruction acting as guard in Algeciras.

Finally, the trial could not be held, since eight of the 14 accused were missing and a search and arrest warrant has been issued for all of them.

The investigation is being developed by the first group of the Violent and Specialized Crime Unit (UDEV) belonging to the Judicial Police Brigade of the Algeciras Police Station.


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