Spotify updates its podcast section and adds trailers - La Provincia

The streaming music platformSpotifyannounced on Tuesday the update of its section of 'podcasts'to which they have added trailers that summarize the content of each program, in addition to changing its interface and adding new categories.

The company already has more than700,000 titlesfrom 'podcasts' various categories, themes and creators. That is why Spotify has decided to update this section to try to offer users their favorite content in an easier and faster way.

From this Tuesday and thanks to thenew interfaceFrom the website, users will find a description of the podcast without having to click on it. This makes it easier to obtain more information about each show or episode with just a glance.

Another novelty is the addition of new categories such as'Personal stories','Real crimes','Travels'o'Relations'. Now users can more easily find the podcast that interests them and even discover new themes.

Finally, Spotify has added trailers of podcasts tohelp usersto opt for one or the other. This new function offers a summary of the content of the podcast to know what it is about and if it will interest the user.


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