Sports suspended by the coronavirus

Coronavirus has become a global problem. Beyond the debate of whether the alarm generated is excessive or not in terms of its severity, all sectors of society are being affected and sport, of course, is not an exception, much less if you consider that they meet thousands of people to witness it. Covid-19 has already been the cause of some historical sporting events being suspended. These are the 5 most important:

Milan San Remo, with which only wars (and other classics) could

For the first time in peacetime, as far as World Wars are concerned, Milan-San Remo, considered one of the five cycling monuments, will not be disputed. The three occasions in which that had happened was in full conflict, in 1916, with the IGM, and in 1944 and 1945, with the IIGM. It was scheduled for March 21, but unable to run behind closed doors, it is canceled. The same goes for other important cycling events this month such as the Strade Bianche (March 7) and the Tyrrhenian-Adriatic (March 8-17). Some of the canceled races were among the great goals of Alejandro Valverde.


This weekend, the Motorcycle World Championship in Qatar will begin, but MotoGP, the queen test, will not do it for the coronavirus. If they do that of Moto2 and Moto3 it is because the riders had already been in Doha for a few days for training. Of course, the next GP, that of Thailand, will not be disputed by either, has been postponed and dates are sought, but it seems complicated. So, Marc Márquez will not be able to start defending his title until April 4, in the circuit of the americas.

F-1 without GP of China and with the beginning in the air

The cars of the circus of Formula-1 will not take the exit in the GP of China on April 19, as a preventive measure by Covid-19. But the measures could go further and are studying to suspend the first three Grand Prix, those of Australia, Bahrain and Vietnam. The latter is one of those that will debut (or not) in this 2020.

World Indoor Track Athletics

The indoor track athletics season was going to be the culmination of the Nanjing World Championship in China between March 13 and 15. It is 500 kilometers from Wuhan, where the coronavirus crisis began, and the decision was to postpone it for a year, until 2021. The 2020 “indoor” has been fantastic and the opportunity to see athletes before the outdoors arrives Duplantis, the great sensation of the pole that has beaten the world record twice; or Yulimar Rojas, who illuminated the Madrid meeting with its record in triple jump.

Matches of Calcio and the Italian Soccer Cup

The Italian Government has decided that to try to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, all Calcium matches until April 3 are behind closed doors. But some like Juve-Milan and Napoli-Inter, from the Cup semifinals, were postponed and they are looking for a date, which is complicated because there are not many days off and there are teams involved in European competitions, and, in addition, having Eurocopa this summer the championship has to end soon.

And this has only been the beginning, it remains to be seen how the epidemic evolves, but many other sporting events, the most important, are waiting to see what happens

Tokyo Olympics

From June 24 to August 9, the great sporting event is scheduled to be played in the capital of Japan: the Games. Every day some member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) speaks or if not the Japanese Organizing Committee itself and they only contribute to the noise. They are also contradictory messages. Thomas Bach, president of the IOC, took the floor on Wednesday to say that "Cancel or postpone the Games" is not now on the table. There is still time to see how the spread of Covid-19 evolves.

Eurocup lurking

Before the Olympic Games, the European Football Championship takes place (June 12 to July 12), which this year also has the peculiarity of having 12 locations in 11 countries (Russia repeats with Baku and St. Petersburg), among which is Spain with Bilbao. In Italy it is the capital Rome where matches are going to be played. The amount of people and media that moves the Euro is tremendous. Aleksander Ceferin, UEFA president, tried to reassure the mood: "Let's be optimistic," he said. “We organize a competition that is held in 12 countries. We have security-related concerns, concerns about political instability and one of the concerns is the virus. We are dealing with it and we have confidence. ”

Turn, tour?

All cycling events in Italy are suspended until April 3. Just over a month later the Turn (May 9-31), the great test of the transalpine country that, at the moment, is in danger. The Tour is already in summer (June 27, July 19), but is lurking.


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