"Spontaneous" protest at the Trillo nuclear power plant starring 200 workers

The Trillo nuclear power plant, in Guadalajara, has registered around 10:30 a.m. this Friday "a spontaneous and massive outbreak of labor unrest", as CCOO Castilla-La Mancha qualifies, starring more than 200 people, practically all of those who were on shift work.

According to the union, they have been approaching from their respective jobs to stand in front of the offices of the management of the plant, to make clear "their radical rejection of the business maneuvers that some of the contracts are carrying out in recent days. They provide service at the Trillo plant.” CCOO assures that "they have put on alert both the people directly affected and the staff of the rest of the contracts and that of the main company, Almaraz and Trillo Nuclear Power Plants (CNAT)".

The alarm has been set off by the SIEMSA company, which has had the 'Reactor Instrumentation' contract for the last few years and which is now going to be replaced by TAMOIN.

The CCOO and UGT unions have signed an agreement with CNAT to guarantee the subrogation of workers in the event of succession of contracts. However, SIEMSA is requiring the 20 people who carry out the reactor instrumentation tasks to sign the voluntary resignation, as a supposed condition to continue in their jobs by joining TAMOIN.

“An unacceptable blackmail”

“This is unacceptable blackmail. SIEMSA and TAMOIN have to respect the legal regulations and the existing agreement in CNAT on subrogation. And CNAT must not tolerate that they fail to comply, it has to call them to order and make them comply. no one can demand that they give up their rights to keep their jobs, ”says the union in a statement.

“The discontent and concern that this action has caused among the staff working at the plant is more than understandable. It would be the first time that a contract leaves Trillo leaving its workers on the street. And the first time that a contract enters Trillo without assuming the contracts and without respecting the conditions of the people who provide this service, most of whom have been providing it for many years under different contracts. It cannot be tolerated.”

To the indignation of the SIEMSA workers, says CCOO, “the restlessness is added and that this employer maneuver provokes in the templates of the rest of the contracts, which can be seen in them if necessary. And it has also generated concern, and solidarity, in the workers of the main company”, indicate sources from the works council and the representative unions in the central, CCOO and UGT.

According to CCOO, Trillo's own management "is fueling labor unrest" at the nuclear power plant because "for some time now it has been lavishing appeals to its staff at the Emergency checkpoint, without in any way informing the legal representation of the workers”.

“What emergencies are occurring at the Trillo nuclear power plant? If one occurs, we have to know when, where, its severity... And nothing has been communicated to us about it, despite the fact that the management is requiring its emergency checkpoint every two times three to get back to work, ”they denounce.

“It would be very serious and very worrying if there were so many unknown emergencies to attend to at all hours at the nuclear power plant. However, everything indicates that the Trillo management is using the people at the checkpoint to work overtime, not to attend to emergencies.”

In his opinion, “CNAT has to pay close attention to what is happening in Trillo and stop the drift that things are taking due to employer breaches and abuses. The nuclear power plant runs the risk of becoming a labor jungle and neither the main company nor the workers and their unions can allow it”

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