Spike Lee, to the migrant caravan: "God bless you, do not do anything wrong" | Culture

Spike Lee, to the migrant caravan: "God bless you, do not do anything wrong" | Culture

Spike Lee avoids mentioning the name of Donald Trump, prefers to call him "Agent Orange" or in some cases he simply says "son of a bitch". "It sounds better in my mind like that," he says as he laughs. It is an ironclad opponent of the policies of the American, a tough activist who usually uses the name of the chemical weapon used by Washington in the Vietnam War to name the agent.

Lee responds directly and very bluntly: "He is a racist." His phrases, resounding and concise, flash in the room of the resort of luxury in which he attends to the press. Dressed in sneakers, a cap and a silver jacket, the filmmaker stares through his large blue glasses before continuing: "Have not you heard him say that Mexicans are rapists, murderers and drug traffickers?" THE COUNTRY, from the Los Cabos Film Festival.

His words sound even more forceful in Mexican territory and not too far from the border that Donald Trump is determined to fortify. Tijuana, the closest point from Los Cabos to the US border, It will also be the gateway to the migrant caravan that has so enraged the US president. "May God bless you, do not do anything wrong," he says seriously and without much hope.

He throws poisoned darts at the US president and lacks adjectives to qualify his immigration policy. "Separating mothers from their children is something diabolical and barbaric," he says and, in fact, concentrates his hope that this will not happen after the imminent arrival of the more than 6,000 Central Americans who are heading to the Tijuana border post. . "They just try to have a better life and are making a great sacrifice to achieve it," Lee recalls.

But his crusade is not only directed against the US president, but extends to the rest of the planet. "It's not just the orange agent, the Brazil agent is just as bad, it's global, we have to fight against this people." The victory of Jair Bolsonaro or the emergence of populist parties in Europe lead him to be alert to the arrival of old ghosts of the past: "They use the fear of the people. This is not new, it is the usual way of playing of fascism, "says the filmmaker.

In fact, his latest film hides a message for the racists of the world and especially for the Republican Donald Trump. Infiltrated in the KKKlan, who has presented for the first time in Mexico during the Los Cabos Film Festival, the incursion of a black agent into a white supremacist group in the United States in the 70s.

A story based on real events that, although traveling 40 years in time, is perfectly related in the film with what happened at Charlottesville in 2017. Then one person died and 19 were injured after a car rammed a crowd protesting a demonstration of white supremacists held in this town. Lee reveals in this tape the president himself to include his statements after the marches in this town of Virginia. The president did not want to mention racism, nor condemn supremacism, he simply condemned "The violence of many parties," he told the press.

"In 2020 [con las elecciones presidenciales en EE UU] There will be a referendum on where we want our country to go. We will have to choose between hate and love. There will be the soul of the United States. "

Spike Lee is very clear what side he occupies in the battles. He always responds loud and strong and there is never a hint of doubt in his words. Do not hesitate when he asks if Madrid or Barça. Lee says blunt that his team is Barça. Nor is he hesitant when he claims to be a supporter of Catalan independence. "Yes, yes, yes", he arrives to respond, insistently and in Spanish, during the interview.


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